Marcilio Browne Video – Maui 2012

on 17. February, 2012 – 19:51 / 24 Comments

Super radical action by Marcilio “Brownzinho” Browne at Hookipa, Maui.

Since Marcilio left Fanatic/Northsails by the end of 2011 he kept on training hard and sails with even more power at Hookipa, Maui.
He lives his dream on the tropical island and definitely is one of the top sailors at Hookipa at the moment. And it looks like he is pushing the limits. Marcilio tries to land several moves on the same wave and kicks the aerials with a lot of power and style.

maui 2012 from marcilio browne on Vimeo.

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  • fisher says:

    super sick!…

  • Tom says:

    the 360 at the end was SICK!!!!!!

  • John Smith says:

    for me he is not brazilian any more…he is gone hawaiian!! congrats Brawsinho you are ripping really hard!

  • W says:

    Woooo he is ripping!! Sick style and power! Great video!

  • Troy says:

    Ruined my day. Now I can see how crap I really am. Love those super aggressive reverse tailslide cutbacks, lots of spray.

    Great clip.

  • jonas ceballos says:

    the best short clip from hookipa i ever seen so far….Congrats Brow you ripping hard!!!Saludos.

  • paolo biondani says:

    mamma mia marciliooooo u’re top of the top!! incredible stuff super stylish and powerfull….congratulations from Italy!!!

  • Great compilation! Looks like he has got more drive with his new gear 😉

  • Silver says:

    Now that’s waveriding i like!…Much better action than that clip from umi

  • raw says:

    ninja aerial style, cutbacks almost as rad as JP, friggin good

  • real board says:

    i was waiting for wacht at you surfing hookipa

  • paolo biondani says:

    OMG ive already watched 10 times this BESTSELLER OF WAVERIDING AND JUMPING!! lot of spray,fullpower,full radical,super sick…and what is incredible is that his level is the same both taks, also onshore or side onshore, doesn’t matter!!maybe it’s his new gear,for sure so much talented anyway!!!

  • i 'm sure fancisco is happy says:

    he improved a lot… every things so much controlled, in the double at 00,12 he accelereted while the second rotation and of course perfect landing, if the world championship would be a real world championship with spots both side , he coul be world champioship…. but they want built an idol to sell board and sails in germany where people still have money… so …. only port tack or may e no money for a real wolrd tour, onestly i don’t know

    anyway philip is unbelievable …..

  • Jack says:

    44 second. It was just perfectly done.

  • Dieter Peschel says:

    Congratulations Browzinho, with that style you could be a strong opponent for Philip Köster. It is super radcial what you show, it is progressive and future surfing. You combine super sylisch waverides with sick moves, also totally stylish. I’m sure, Francisco Goya pushed your waveride limits, totally smooth style, like Francisco in former years. This is rellay modern world class wave riding. Hopefully we can see more from you in that way, and that you fight for the world title.
    Summary: This was, with a big distance, the best wave ride I’ve ever seen.

    • Gary S says:

      I’m sorry, Dieter, did you not see this other clip last month? The clip of Marcilio is good but it is not the best ever. Check the level of Levi’s turns and how complete they are and the size of the wave. And also check that Levi’s clip has more complete wave rides, not just one hits. See that Levi also does more vertical on the bottom. And for the moves? I prefer Levi’s version.

      • moneyboy says:

        arguing on a very high level there 😉 two sailors both masters of this sport in their individual way… just a pity they were never able to showcase their abilities in a proper contest :(

  • paolo biondani says:

    i agree with dieter, the best action clip ever!!!

  • Kefe says:

    I like the mini-shaka @ 1:21, super cute.

    Take a look on his double air taka attempt:

  • Marcel says:

    Is it his style, the conditions or does his Sail not look very stable?

  • georgi says:

    incredible skill. His kit seems to work really well. Who said that quads dont work ? Blessed is the day that quads were invented!

  • Dieter Peschel says:

    Thank’s for the link to Levi Siver. This clip is really awesome.