Marcilio Browne 2013 – Video

on 9. February, 2013 – 23:47 / 22 Comments

Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne (BRA-105) improves his skills day by day. He definitely influences the modern style of waveriding a lot at Ho’okipa and sets new limits. In this video he nails insane double Forwards, has a lot of drive in his frontside Bottom turns and hits the lips of the waves. At the end of the clip he almost lands a massive Backloop at Peahi, Jaws. Just incredible! This is his first clip in 2013 and many more will follow.




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  • ofer says:

    sickkk windsurfer!!@ dammm continue to rip even harder it’s inspire me !

  • K1000 says:

    How many masts broken to access this level ?

  • nv says:

    one of best at the moment


  • Bear says:

    is the vid to fast?

  • Ivan says:

    Well, if PWA Chile and PWA South Africa happens, maybe we have candidate for the throne.

  • Spro says:

    who cares about pwa title if you see this!?

  • Ivan says:

    You have to pay your bills from something…

  • jan says:

    Top action but bad amateur quality video.

    • Guillaume says:

      You don’t like the noise effect and we don’t like to read poor comments.

      • jan says:

        I mean the quality of the images. Maybe pictures are not sharp because of the short cuts.Your comment is poor indeed, Guillaume.

        • Guillaume says:

          You’re right so I’m sorry for my last comment. I’m pretty sure that it’s not about the “quality” of the short cuts. It’s an old film look. Anyway, the action is very sick.

  • georgi says:

    Amazing! windsurfing from another planet !! Browzy is an onhore guy as well. I saw him at 2012 PWA Pozo. He nailed with consistency pretty much everything he wanted. He fell out to Robby Swift, though ( a heat to remember… 50+ knots). He almost wanted to cry and deservedly so. The windier it is, the better he delivers. Plenty of talent- if he works more on the mental side, he could be champ for 2013. Good luck! Now I am going to watch the footage again.

  • Happy to have Brawzinho traveling with the AWT! What tallent!

    • arnie says:

      wohaaa! yeah! can’t wait to see him life in action again and tear waddell a new hole!! this was very inspirational, but life action is the real deal.

  • Marcell says:

    Cutback at 0:56 is just like a surfing one, so sick!!!

  • Ivan has one of the most timely comments here ever, I must concur.

  • Greg says:

    Levi or Brawzinho ? now I would say Brawzinho. Insane windsurfing !

  • jerry says:

    1.30 terrific kick !!!!!!!!!! pure style

  • Jan Z says:

    Raw talent, awesome new school style, incredible jumping skills and moves which are out of this world ……
    …….looks soooo unreal ……almost like in a video game…..hopefully he’s gonna continue participating on the pwa tour….
    although they will have competitions in sometimes so called “crappy jumping onshore conditions”…..unfortunately sponsors are not
    willing to pay you only for freesurfing….
    I’ve seen him sailing several times in spots like pozo and denmark which is a complete different story…..but also there he is one of
    the most innovative and skilled sailors around….so much fun to watch!!!!!!!
    Great video,great action !!!!!!!!!

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    we really need a tour including place with wind from the right, as well from the left.
    onshore and sideoff in the same ammount, then it will be a real world championship.

    this to say that people like brawz deserve better.. is complete, good in every condition…
    we haven’t seen anything like that before with wind from the left yet.
    he really deserve better than 11th place in the world…