Maeli Cherel and friends at Jericoacoara – Video

on 31. March, 2014 – 00:05 / 2 Comments

Maeli Cherel, who lives in Perth, left Australian’s west coast during high season in November and decided to sail on flat water and little waves instead of riding waves down the line conditions at Gnaraloo. She shared great days with Arrianne Aukes, James Hoare, Marco Lufen, Hugo Sousa, Adrian Beholz, Tom Soltysiak, Oda Johanne and many more. And 4 weeks were enough to have many “happy days”, a lot of fun and many hours on the water.

Maeli edited the clip herself.


“I went back to Jericoacoara for 4 weeks in November, after 3 years away. It was an amazing trip- travelling to Camocim, Maceio, and other spots. This is just a short windsurfing clip of some good times we had… Enjoy!” Maeli Cherel


Actually she spends a great time on Bonaire, together with Arianne Aukes and Oda Johanne and enjoys the perfect freestyle conditions.