Luderitz Speed Challenge – Video

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The Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012 (in the windsurfing discipline) was a big success. The event was held at Namibia from November 5th until the 29th. Antoine Albeau dominated the event and set several times a new world record. In the end his best speed on 500 m was 52.05 knots. The British sailor Zara Davis set a new world record in the women’s class with 45.83 knots over 500 m. It was an incredible event. 7 men were able to sail faster than 50 knots. Congratulations to all riders.

Watch the first episode about the event filmed and edited by the French videographer Eric Bellande. 



Have a look on the top times of the fastest riders:

Antoine Albeau: 52.05 knots, new world record 

Anders Bringdal: 51.45 knots (production board world record)

Jurjen van der Noord 51.26 knots (Dutch record)

Björn Dunkerbeck: 51.09 knots (Swiss Record, best personal)

Patrik Diethelm: 50.49 knots

Nick Vardalachos: 50.43 Knots (Greek record)

Cedric Bordes: 50.17 knots (Personal record) on Tabou/Gaastra

Mark Grinnell: 49.66 (South African record)

Farrell O´Shea: 48.82 knots (British record)

Matthias Rottcher: 47.34 knots (Namibian record)

Christian Bornemann 46.18 knots (German Record)


Zara Davis: 45.83 knots (Women´s world record)

Lena Erdil: 45.74 (Turkish record)





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