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Lord of the Wind 2011 – Pritchard wins against kitesurfers

on 16. January, 2011 – 14:19 / 33 Comments

Kevin Pritchard wins the race against kitesurfers at Baja, Mexico. Fantastic winds came blowing down the Sea of Cortez for the big Lord of the Wind Showdown at Los Barriles. The competition was to take some fast kiters against some fast windsurfers and have an all out duel for $3500 in cash! It was a three mile upwind and downwind course, and the fastest man, woman, or child could take a stab at winning the purse.

KP on Infinity 8,5 and iSonic 133 (Pic: Pritchard windsurfing).

During the pre race riders meeting, there was already a preheated battle when the organizers were talking about dividing up the prize money into the different classes. The overall winner would take $2000 and the winnner of the division that didn’t win, being kiteboards or windsurfing, would get $1000.The kiteboards spoke up and said nope, we want to take all the money and beat down the windsurfers.


So, it was off to the water to settle the score. At the start of the race, the kiteboarders opened up with all the confidence in the world, with John Hieneken out in front. Kevin Pritchard was the windsurfers ace card and had a reasonably safe start but gave up some distance. As the kites battled against the windsurfers, inch by inch, the crafty Pritchard started turning up the speed. With a bit of an extra drive from the earlier riders meeting, Pritchard was holding down his board and sail as best he could to prove to the world, who still could make it around a course faster. And who made it to the top first, non other than Kevin Pritchard, flying his new Ezzy two cam Infinity sails, mounted to his Isonic 133 Slalom board.


KP wins the race against the kitesurfers (Pic: Pritchard windsurfing).

Knowing that the kites could make up some time on the downwind, Pritchard put the hammer down and went flying off the wind. It was three miles down wind to the finish. At the end Pritchard claimed victory over some of the worlds best kiteboarders by around a minute faster. In fact the first kiteboarder pumped his fist going across the line in stoke for his victory, not even being able to see  Pritchard, cause he was so far out in front!

Super satisfied after the race (Pic: Pritchard windsurfing).

“This was a memorable victory. The kiters were so confident that they were going to win, it put a fire under me. I really was just down in Baja to hang out with my brother and his family and do some windsurfing. When they started talking it up, I was like ok, lets do this. I went, got my 8.5 two cam sail, and my big slalom board and put it down. The wind was perfect, and they must feel pretty bad getting beaten by not even a race sail! It was great, the whole beach was cheering for me, and I think they had heard enough of the kiteboarders talking it up. Even some of the kiters were stoked to see the windsurf still hold the edge! It was really fun in the end, especially since the windsurfing took the victory. I felt like it was a victory for all windsurfers, not just for myself. It felt great!” said Kevin Pritchard after his victory.

© Pritchard windsurfing 2011, Lord of the Wind 2011

You can watch the event as well on They are streaming the action live from Baja, Mexico. Time zone: UTC – 7 hrs.


  • Claudio Marzeddu says:

    great kevin and fuck the kiters

  • JC says:

    Yes!! nice one KP! great story

  • god says:

    nice one! Fuck all kiters! Kitesurfing is not a sport. It’s a fashion trend. I feel bad about Robby Naish, who is supposed to be the icon of our sport, having invented such a mess like kitesurfing.

  • Alain says:

    Congrats Kevin , you rock !!!

  • amadan says:

    kiters should try a sport that requires skill!! well done!!

  • Melker Lindborg says:

    Whats up with all this hatin on kiteboarders? I don’t kite myself and sometimes their kites are in the way on the water but hey, they are surfers too.

  • K1000 says:

    The word “SURF” has not it’s place in the call of “kite-SURF”.
    “Kite-SHIT” is more adapted.

  • fan says:

    KP my hero ! nice story.
    schnipp schnapp leinen ab 😀

  • Melker Lindborg says:

    Duuh, strapless kitesurfing is more surf than windsurfing. But on the other hand, strapless is only a small part of kiting.

  • SPACESH1P says:

    funny story, shame that KP takes a break in Slalom

  • thks KV says:

    BIG UP to KV to let them know that fashion is nothing to be compared with performance…I’d like to see kite history in 20 years ahahah

    kitesurfers who do not get barrels aren’t surfing anyway lol

  • Jill Johnson says:

    At 62 years of age and semi-disabled by foot surgeries, I have very little chance of becoming a windsurfer so discovering kiting last year was a godsend to me and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning it. I admire those that are in both sports knowing I’ll never be able to do a fraction of what we see here. I was disheartened to read the negative comments which attempt to pit one group against another. There is enough water on this planet for us all, really. I thank all the good people who are able to appreciate diversity and don’t need to build themselves up by putting others down.

  • Miau says:

    The word “SURF” doesn’t belong in windsurfing or kitesurfing. Both sports don’t even come close to surfing so stop hating against the kiters.

    and congrats KP :)

  • krypt$teezmaster2000 says:

    The isonic 133 is a fast/efficient board. Did some straight up course racing with it with a 7.5. It’s like a mini formula board for medium winds. With better jibing. Kevin beating the rest by such a margin is knuts.

    Hating on kiting doesn’t make you a more committed windsurfer.

  • Exwindsurfer says:

    Congrats and big big props to KP

    Stoked to see legends ripping it up. Windsurfing played such a great part in my life and I have so much respect for the top tier of riders.

    Not so much for the negative posters here. Kiting is a new phenomenon and no different from the intro of snowboarding to the slopes. Sad to see the hate from some of the posters above. Open your mind a little. No one says you have to quit what you love, just relax with the fact that others have found a different and obviously viable way to enjoy the same conditions.

  • Jano says:

    Dude you rock!!

  • Good for Kevin and windsurfing in general. There is too much hot air blowing out of kiters mouths, no sport should build its merits on trashing another one. Long live windsurfing.

  • Jill Johnson says:

    Ovidio… you aren’t reading very carefully here. The hot air is blowing out of the windsurfers mouths, and even yours! You have done the same thing you are accusing the kiters of.
    Good for all the athletes and enthusiasts. Long live us all!

  • Waveslave says:

    Windsurfers will always be second best on the water lol

  • Smithy says:

    As with any competition a bit of stirring up or bagging the competition is all part of the game and makes it more interesting as long as that is it!! The crap that is posted in some forums is another matter.

    Windsurfed for 30 years, kite surfed for 10 years, both fantastic sports in their own right, hard to really appreciate unless you try both. Plenty of wind and water for all…

  • MarkAust. WA says:

    I have been windsurfing for a long time and use to bag out kitesurfing. But the last few weeks I have been kiteing and LOVE it.
    I will still keep my windsurfer rig for the stronger days,but will be kiteing more than sailing from now on.Never thought I would say this but kiteing is so much better in the waves.

  • the awful truth says:

    Setting a world speed record in 10cm of water is hardly realistic.

    This race was in real world conditions. Honestly, was anyone even remotely surprised that a windsurfer would win?

  • Sarah-Quita says:

    Nicely done KP !! congrats 😀

  • Sven says:

    I´m a surfer and kite is further from real surf than windsurf, as either surf and wndsurf go against gravity (gravity is one of the keys for real surfing) but kite does not at all. Has anyone ever seen a 90kilo surfer riding a not powerful wave with a 5’6” board???

  • bob says:

    Congrats KP!

  • georgi says:

    Kiters are funny. The fact that they take so much space in the atmosphere with those handkerchiefs makes me only laugh and feel regret for those lost souls. But so be it. As for KP, a man of integrity and pure talent. I had the chance to meet him in Fuerteventura in 2009-really contained,a true gentleman in the sport. One of the all time greats. Period.

  • allislove says:

    hahah you Poleysurfers ay…always sad to us kiters shoot past you while you dog in the water and dry hump your sails in a bid to get moving….It must be hard I admit seeing us rip up the waves jumping higher and going faster (see over all who as the speed record) But dont worry your geriatric selves all these new fangled things must be a bit confusing for you.

  • Nik says:

    It’s the same thing over and over again. The Problem isn’t the sport but the few men who tell you they are the best instead of showing, to me this happens in every sport.

    Keep rippin

  • Jpx says:

    :) be happy guys :) combine the elements be better on and off the water :) congrats for Kevin :) and that case should be a good motivation for all wind and kite surfers :)

  • Capt. Kirk says:

    I remember about 15 years ago when Kevin came down to Cabrillo Beach and entered one of our Sunday Bell-Buoy races, and he was back on the beach before the next best racer even made it upwind to the buoy! Fast then and still fast now – Congrats Kevin!! Hopefully you are still in Baja and are racing in the La Ventana Classic which starts today?

    Windsurf, Kite, or Surf – it’s all good – that’s what real watermen think!

  • .g.e.o. says:

    Very well done, KP!

    Windsurf, kite or surf, it’s all good as long as the people are good. But such attitudes as that of the kiters not willing to divide the prize among categories, or of the second to arrive that raised his fist in sign of victory not being able to see the real winner up ahead, definitely deserve what they received.
    My best water friends happen to be among kiters, but not in such league. Everyone deserves respect. No one is entitled to feel superior for any reason. Sadly not many kiters reckon that, don’t know the reason but so it is.

  • Simon L says:

    I did windsurfing from 10 to 30 years old. Stopped for it became boring. At 34 started kite on my snowboard with our long winters and lot of snow. Then went to try kitesurf and it got me hooked. I can ride from 12 to 30 kt on my 12m, it really is great for our gusty winds here. It also jumps way better with smooth landings. Kitesurf is more convenient and performs better and it is much smoother on your body. I have knee injuries which made my last years of windsurf painful. A lot of kitesurfers are ex windsurfers please respect everyone!

  • glad to see you windsurfers win a race, it’s true we kiters get a big head and need to get slapped down now and again but please dont hate us.