Levi vs. Camille on the AWT – Videointerview

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The final event of the AWT (American Windsurfing Tour) is on, yeahh. And we can expect a great show and a big fight for the title in the pro class in between the current tour leader Camille Juban and the king of hookipa, Sir Levi Siver. Levi, Camille and Keith Teboul gave a quick low-down on what’s in store for Maui Makani Classic 2012 starting today. The crew of Maui Nerd Productions with Kevin Pritchard and Johannes Neumann and press co-worker Katie McAnana interviewed them in a quite cool way. 

Besides the main event there will be a charity event on as well this year. 10 of the biggest names like Francisco Goya, Dave Kalama, Keith Teboul, Josh Stone, Jason Polakow, Matt Pritchard, Buzzy Kerbox, Pascal Hardy, Pascal Bronnimann and Ralf Sifford are on the list.


A charity heat. What a cool new format? (Source: AWT 2012)


Sam Bittner, the tour organiser of the AWT, had the idea for the charity event. All 10 sailors will sail a heat at the same time and the audience picks the winner. Each competitor will pick their own charity and whoever wins that´s who the money goes to.


Watch the clip with Keith, Levi and Camille now!



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