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Kurosh Kiani escaped to Miami – Report

on 8. November, 2012 – 18:57 / One Comment

Winter escape to Miami by Kurosh Kiani


As the PWA season has come to and, it is time for winter hiatus for most, but with the cold weather slowly moving into Europe, I knew that it was no place for me to hang around anymore. After the last World Cup on the island of Sylt I packed up my bags and headed over to the city of Miami, where this time of year brings great conditions for windsurfing, and not to mention the great climate and cultural city life.


Miami, a modern place with a lot of nature still (Pic:


A couple of things were on the schedule. This time I had decided to set up my slalom camp in Miami instead of Denmark, followed by a slalom race which this year was the Miami Slalom Open. I left Denmark which was getting chilly and got into Miami the night before all of the activity for a great night of sleep and was now ready to charge the next couple of days.


Slalom racing in an international fleet. KK in the lead (Pic:


The two following days it was amazingly hot, and on the final day of my camp the wind picked in, so we all headed out to try out our tuning, techniques and so on. Great times, and great to meet new faces which I always enjoy. By this time I also picked up my buddy Sean O´Brien from the airport, who came in from Europe and we were now ready to race and chill in the city of Miami. 


Racing together with Sean O´Brien at Miami (Pic:


The first few days the forecast wasn’t for any wind to come, but we gave it a try none the less. The spot for this was the first key outside of Miami, Virginia Key, which is a very short drive from downtown and offers great conditions for windsurfing in different wind directions. There is a small fee to get to this beach, but there is then always a lifeguard on duty and the beach park is always nice. It is also possible to sail on the other side of the key giving you the option to sail in more or less any wind direction in beautiful surroundings. It is worth to notice though, that even though there is mostly conditions for sailing. It is for bigger equipment, which means that I only brought an 8,6 and 9,5 Simmer SCR sail along with a new Fanatic Falcon 142 board.


The nice event area surrounded by Palm trees (Pic:


After a couple days of cruising and chilling, the wind kicked on the second day late afternoon and we headed out to do races. It was all full fleet, so it didn’t take very much time to finish 3 races before it was near to dark. 


Kurosh went in first position over the line (Pic:


For the next day the forecast was very good, so everyone was excited to get more racing done. We rolled down to the beach, rigged up and went straight out for the first race followed by another two races back to back before hitting up a big lunch under the palm trees and sunshine. I just love the laid back atmosphere in these kind of events where you get to spend some times with windsurfers from new locations and share experiences across age groups and cultures. 


Kurosh and the windsurfing gang (Pic:


After the little lunch and small talk, we made it back out for another couple of races followed by another small break and another two races, and I think everyone was getting tired and ready to call it a day. Over the 3 days we managed to go through 11 races which I think everyone was happy with and there was a result to bring home. Overall I managed to stay ahead and win the title ahead of Sean and youngster from Curacao Jean Patrick. There is lots of talent coming from this side of the world, so everyone better watch out for these youngsters in the future.


KK with the well deserved trophy at the Miami Slalom Open 2012 (Pic:


The racing side of this trip was now over and it was time for some chilling and cruising around the area, so after hitting South Beach for a night we headed down to the Florida Keys for some exploring, windsurfing and photo shooting with an amazing outcome. 


Cruising next to the docks (Pic:


All in all an amazing trip which now has come to and end, and I find myself back in cold Denmark searching for adventures to come in the future.






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