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Kono Dieter Van der Eyken
on 18. May, 2012 – 08:18 / 12 Comments

Watch a massive Kono by the Belgian freestyle windsurfer Dieter van der Eyken filmed last Friday at Brouwersdam. In this video Dieter is using a 2013 prototype sail of Severne called Freek, which will be the new 5-batten freestyle sail of Severne. You can check-out some pictures and more infos about the sail and the development on Dieter´s blog here.

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  • Dieter Peschel says:

    it’s great. Seemingly windsurfen has no borders, as I (and others) mentioned many years ago. I think, soon a cono frontloop or other “air-conos” will be done on lakes or flatwater. Dieter, continue, again, it is graet !

  • wasn’t there a “freak” already a few years ago?

  • ole says:

    @clemens: yeah, i remember it as the most ugly sail ever made. had some stupid “face-printing” on it. im hoping that they wont change the S1 too much. the 2012 is already supposed to be much more powerful than the 2011 one.

    • Severne had the Freek a couple of years ago as pure freestyle sail but as what freestylers and wavesailors wanted from a sail came more and more together it became unnecessary to make 2 sails as everybody was using the S-1 for Freestyle also. Now the demands for Freestyle and Wave are getting in seperate directions again from what the riders want it was time to bring back the Freestyle sail from Severne the Freek, combining the best of the S-1’s from the past few years with some extra freestyle features. So if you liked the S-1’s for freestyle, you will absolutely find what you want in this new freestyle sail.

      Cheers Dieter

      • fstyler says:

        hey dieter,
        are these the final graphics for the freek? i saw pictures of you using the nug for freestyle, is it also a freestyle sail?
        how is the new freek for ducking compared to the S-1’s, is it as easy to duck as the gaastra pure?
        is the freek more powerful than the s-1’s/as powerful as the gaastra pure? i liked the s-1’s in the moves but would have liked a little more power and easy ducking.
        and my last question, what do you mean with “lift”? why do 4 batten sails have no lift? to me it looks like at the moment the pure is the best freestyle sail and has a lot of lift:
        but i like severne a lot and hope the new freek will finally be a sail just as good as the pure (maybe a bit more durable).
        and by the way: siiiick kono 😀

        • fstyler says:

          and does it have dacron panels? i feel like they help a lot in the ducking moves. and in which sizes will the freek come?

          • Al Bentley says:

            Hey dude,

            The sail in this video is the same as one of the graphics options (all red), there is one other option which I am sure will show up soon.

            Compared to the S-1 I would say its definitely easier to duck (this is why they kept 5 batten) and more powerful. The S-1 typically set with quite a bit of tension, but this one has a larger rigging range, partially due to an SDM compatible luff tube (S-1 is RDM only)

            An example of ‘lift’ would be how much power is available after ducking before launching into moves, some sails can take quite a long time to power up at this stage…

            The sail is using a dacron luff panel – like a lot of the new freestyle sails. There is also a lot of E3 laminate material as you would expect.

            Sizes from 4m to 5.9m I think, but for most people don’t see why you would go above 5.2m

            There is some good discussion on this tread below about the various freestyle sails:


          • fstyler says:

            hey al,
            thanks for the information. and the tread is really interesting.
            max wrote something about a new super lightweight mast from severne, do you have any information on that? it sounds good as i like to have my gear as light as possible. so the freek is as light as the s-1’s or even lighter? would be perfect to have a super lightweight rig, so do you know anything about super light booms?
            you wrote in the tread you don’t feel a difference with these dacron panels, i feel like it absorbs some wind when you duck the sail for ss kono, funnel or something.if you don’t have that there’s a bigger chance of getting blown off your board after ducking i think.
            what would be interesting as well is the power of the 5.2. as you said i would also use it as my biggest sail, as i don’t like to freestyle with anything bigger than that. that was another thing i liked a lot with the gaastra pure. the 5.4 was the biggest sail with 4 battens and you could rig it really like a bag and it would plane as early as a 6.0 or something.
            so yeah that would be a perfect sail if its super light and easy to duck with the 5.2 being powerful…

          • Al Bentley says:

            hey buddy,

            Have replied to your questions on the forum:


            As you can tell I am trying to pimp this awesome new forum plus comments on here get kinda lost after a while.


  • sarah-quita says:

    heey rustig aan het DIeter ! deze is een beetje TE sick !! 😉

  • Paul Boef says:

    boom to boom in the air and into flaka