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Kauli Seadi joins Hot Sails Maui

on 18. January, 2013 – 08:43 / 20 Comments

Hot Sails Maui is pleased to announce former World Wave Champion Kauli Seadi BRA 253 joining the team. 

Kauli is stoked to have Hot Sails Maui support his new project ‘My Dream Tour’ with the aim of inspiring others to travel, dream, and share our wonderful sport with new friends and in new places. The first project on his agenda is his Gostoso adventure, which you will be hearing far more about in the coming weeks and subsequent interviews. With this new move Kauli plans to scale back his PWA appearances in 2013 only competing in waves events with surfing style conditions.


Kauli and the team aim to further develop the wave range in the coming months and subsequent seasons.The addition of Kauli to this closely knit team, will generate fresh ideas and give a new energy to all in the Hot Sails Maui Ohana worldwide.  


We are already working on an interview with Kauli, which we will release soon.


Kauli and Jeff Henderson


Kauli and Jeff Henderson







  • georgi says:

    Kauli and Hot Sails.. now that was unexpected.

  • Penny says:

    I ges he had enough of thies euro PWA jumping onshore-comps where he had to go because sponsors wanted :)
    Now he can do Levi style prolife.

  • Rob says:

    will he go back to quatro?

  • good luck Kauli for your new adventure..

  • myr says:

    God for him I think. One of the most influent and talented guy on tour. Style Master.

  • Dimitri says:

    Watch out for him this year in the Cape town and Chile events. He has always been a superb port tack rider

  • Gary S says:

    Oh man, Kauli. Hot Sails has always been where pros go to end their careers (Sean Ordanez, Diony G, etc). I hope you still have some good years left! To me you are one of the best.

  • Yomba P says:


  • Paul says:

    The JP / Pryde ‘ specialty : take world champions and make them loose ! Well done Kauli !

  • georgi says:

    I hope Kauli was not kicked out and it is his personal decision. I met him last year at Pozo. His knee was injured and he didnt seem quite happy. Mastodon companies like JP/Pryde have no mercy-results,results…Maybe the recruitment of Jules Denel,a promising young gun, has something to do with that.
    Whatever, Kauli is Kauli- living legend and stylemaster!

    • Gary S says:

      the rumor is that Mr Neil Pryde himself wanted Kauli, Ricardo, and Robby Swift fired. Not sure what happened wit the other guys. Maybe massive pay cut.

  • sfs says:

    I think kauli was just too expensive and noooo big results the last years.
    but i agree with mr. pryde. I cant´t think of anyone buying a board because of campello or swifty!
    great sailors, but they cost more than they bring in..

    • Joe says:

      Are you kidding? These guys are the only ones on the JP team who prove that they work really well in onshore small wave conditions, which is what most of us sail.

      I think Neil Pryde also put way too much emphasis on competition, when in reality nobody really gives a shit about results, only about how sick the highlights reel is at the end of the day. If what Gary S said is true, Im going to completely avoid NP/JP which is probably a good thing because its junk anyway

      • Globe says:

        Junk? I don’t particulary like pryde but thats bullshit and you know it. Also JP may belong to NP but they are separate. They seem to have kept Kauli and Robby (not sure about Ricardo).

        From what I heard Neilpryde lost a ton of money because of the manufacturing problems they had with their masts and all of the warranties they had to reimburse.

  • I am stoked right now! Dioni has been so rad with hotsails and now Kauli! The new sail he is rocking looks sick too! If you want complete personalization of your sails, ride Hot!

  • Interesting to see all the comments, we are stoked to have Kauli on the team, you will be seeing lots of him in the coming months.

    Chris Freeman | Sales & Marketing | Hot Sails Maui

  • Tom Burlingame says:

    Kauli has one of the most friendly attitudes out there when you stack him up against other truly top tier Pros. His sailing is creative and progressive, and he isn’t too cool for school. Other big names could use a page from Kauli’s book of aloha. I hope he kills it at Hot Sails Maui, another windsurf entity that get’s it right in the Soul department!