Imaginarium ft. Max Matissek

on 4. May, 2014 – 22:32 / 20 Comments

We all dream. Sometimes less sometimes more. Everybody knows the feeling of sitting in bed just after opening the eyes and wondering if you are in the real world or another dimension right now. IMAGINARIUM gives you an inside view of the mind of professional windsurfer Max Matissek and pictures some of the imaginations he had during his Cape Town stay in February 2014. Beautiful girls, raining cacao, colorful creatures, fireworks and double loops are just a few of the things that are in his brain during warm South African nights. Join him on his journey through his wonderland imagination aquarium playground.


Concept: Max Matissek, Manu Grafenauer
Camera: Manu Grafenauer
Cut: Max Matissek
Music: Olympique – Face down the earth; Olympique – The reason I came

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  • anynamedontcare says:

    fiecking awesome!

  • Gary S says:

    Love the production. So cool to see something not just good but different. Too bad Max got Gollito to do the sailing for him. hahhahaha 😉 Sick moves!!

  • Philip Ryan says:

    For the end sequence you should have added an arrow on the chicken pointing to its ‘end’ for added comic value :)

  • spro says:

    Very very stylish video dude ! congrats! we want more and more!

  • swiec says:

    SICKest one!

  • schleudergang says:

    what a terrible cliche… the whole thing. sorry guys, hard to be the only to spoil the party…. but i want be honest, i like you guys and i admire your surfing skills and appreciate the work and editing skill you’ve put into it, but you’ll definitely need somebody to write the script for your next video…
    oh man .. reading Einsteins words on creativity and imagination and then getting a close up on a butt (as beautiful and attractive as it was)… maaan .. do you really think that’s what he meant?
    do you think that is creative and imaginative? the whole story is just a cliche after a cliche…

    well, in your understandable anger, do not mistake me for a gender equality activist, i apreciate a good boob or ass shot. even if you are male and very young, it is kind of sad to think that ones imagination is limited to boring replicas of the stories you see in the everydays sunscreen advertizing, while zooming even closer on a sexy chick… c’mon guys.. is that the most creative thing you can dream about. i know you can do better than that.

    but anyway.. looking at other comments i seem to be the only one concerned with this thing. so you can just ignore my comment, nobody here seems to care anyway so why should you. give me boobs, give me ass, give me chicks in bikinis,give me surfing… that imagination, wow.

    • Blink says:

      Your comment is hard, but it’s the harsh truth.

    • Julian says:

      True words. Spot on.

    • Einstein says:

      This is Einstein! Great video guys! If you are interested in what I meant by my words: definitely: Windsurfing, fun and beautiful girls!!!
      But please do me a favour next time for the guys that don`t like the clip: Add some male butts.

      Finally a good Alternative for discussions :
      Be there! I will also join! 😉


      • schleudergang says:

        Hey Einstein, just to make a bit more clear,just in case: nobody asked for more ass, let alone male butts, whatever the personal preferences. i was only really saddened by a lack of imagination of some young people here, reciting Einstein. there is more to surfing than just butt-fun. i am VERY happy i am not the only here to realize that.

    • ivan says:

      Totally agree

      • schleudergang says:

        Hey Ivan, sorry no intentions to instill a flame war. i am too curious not to ask. it is good to hear you totally agree. but do you totally agree with me (as i kind of think and hope) or are you totally agree with the “Einstein” above(as the blog structure suggests)?

  • Really... says:

    … this is not about windsurfing! I can’t watch it twice.
    There are videos like Kuma’s clips of Kiri or Armado that I could watch again and again. Even if the quality, soundtrack etc. is kind of crazy.
    But: You get inspired by their moves and you feel that this is about windsurfing. I mean, Kuma is freak but a freak who is really committed.

    This, however, is just some superficial crap made for their sponsors. No spirit….
    And to give it a Latin name as if it was some kind of art….

    And those “models” on the beach waiting for that Austrian “windsurf star” ….

  • boerns says:

    +A for the efforts like schleudergang said. same cliche goes for the entry text which comes with every pic or video they post. its not authentic at all its more some sort of pseudo intelellectual shit and every kiddy falls for it.

  • Gary S says:

    I’m going to comment again just to stick up for Max and Imaginarium, not because I’m sure Max put a ton of work into this clip but because I like this windsurfing clip and most webclips make me want to tear out my eyeballs.

    This is cliche and uncreative? What windsurfing webclips do you normally watch? Seriously, show me these other magic clips.

    To me, most windsurfing webclips suck. Full of jump cuts and beach cliches. If I have to watch another drive to the beach and rig montage I’m going to hang myself with downhaul rope with a sign that says windsurfing clips kill me. In general, windsurfing webclips are a stale genre but clips like Imaginarium which are different start to push clips to be better.

    Seriously, this clip creates an atmosphere of Maxs time in South Afrika. Sure, maybe too many close-up girl shots. And I don’t like the Einstein quote. But look at the whole thing, not just the little parts you don’t like. The action is great. He looks like gollito. The shots are beautiful. And after watching the clip I know the feeling that Max had in Afrika. For this reason the clip feels very authentic. I feel that I know max after watching this clip. It’s not at all generic. Show me 1 other webclip that looks like this.

    max, keep it up. Haters just mean that you’re doing something right. Put even more effort into the next one. I can’t wait to see it.

    • schleudergang says:

      hey Gary i like your differentiated but still critical approach. just like you i do dislike the einstines quote and the butt-overkill, and i have toagree with you to some degree in some points,but overall our opinions are still very different.

      Yes a good windsurfing video is hard to make unless you are very talented in film making.
      To some extent it is always only about the right kind and amount of a porn to choose from (ass/boob-porn vs landscape-porn and wave-porn). yes they may be all porn ,but they are still not equal, especially when carefully chosen with good taste.
      so here are only some of videos i enjoyed a lot:
      -the latest dany bruch video: well the dude part is a bit cheap/cliche too, but i forgive that,it is still fun and unusual in a modern surfing clip, it is indeed difficult to integrate your sail brand promotion without spoiling the video – and this one is very skillful and well.. somewhat funny. and…just look at the first shot showing Dany crossing the waters in front of this boat. any questions? then just watch Dany sail.
      -jamie hancock in cornwell, simple but beautiful video,very unpretentios and honest(exact opposite to imagirium) and includes some subtle cowboy western citations i enjoy, nothing like the Einsteincreativityinyourface
      -hernandez: back home: just for its pace and the jumps/moves.don’t have to be an artist…

      -leon jamaer in punta preta cabo verde. well perhaps this one could be rightfully called IMAGINARIUM, Leon is very young too, but is to unpretentious to use latin, beside his skills as a windsurfer and as video maker.
      -the tourists of the sea by KP/Graham ezzy are very nice, the philosophy part feels like an exaggerated extra at times, but far from dumb, and maan even graham is only a windsurfer after all,and WHAT a windsurfer! the videos are just masterful overall.
      -tilo eber in america america , we ain’t filmmakers we are windsurfers – but can do just as good videos and world class windsurfing
      -pretty much everything from Mattia Pedrani(especially mediterranian diet). these are REALLY very different, and have a very distinct style
      -tons more.. some perhaps not as impressive, many more very much so, but i cant remember them right now.

      all those videos are very different. just try watching them one after another. you will see right away people have been very creative and inventive,without being pretentious, and putting “we are imaginative artists” in latin into their titles.
      as to “imaginarium”: a lot of good intentions: intriguing name,nice atmospheric computer graphics, intelligent citation, and complete mismatch in the actual video: butts and young lads showing to chicks in bikinis how geat they can surf… as if the young ladies cared only a bit. just laughable and cliche like the worst of the kitesurfing clips.

  • jojo says:

    The dude is no doubt a top notch euro windsurfer …. but this Chiemsee logo ….come on.

  • Michail says:

    Some speeches above are too german :)

  • yeah says:

    I cannot wait to see the first Windsurfing video with real boobs and …