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IFCA Pro Kids, Junior, Youth Freestyle European Championships 2012 – Day 2+3

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The second day of the event saw great conditions from the morning on. In 20-25knots of wind the Pro Kids (U-15) and the Juniors (U-17) finished the first Single Elimination.

Rafael de Windt – Pic: BOJAN SIROLA


U15 Pro Kids

First up were the Pro Kids (U-15) category. For some of the kids the conditions were difficult and cold but the Israeli kid Jonatan Yagen and the Austrian David Schiebel managed to score enough points to make it to the final rounds. On the other side of the elimination ladder we saw the Russian talent Kostya Smirnov and Steven Max from Aruba making it to the final. Steven Max from Aruba managed to score big points by showing a great variety of moves including some of the new school freestyle tricks such as Burners and Kulos.


U15 pro Kids Results Single Elimination # 1

  1. Steven Max (ARU-888)
  2. Kostya Smirnow (RUS-1)
  3. David Schiebel (AUT-19)
  4. Jonatan Yagen (IRS-02)


Pro Kids winners – Pic: BOJAN SIROLA


U17 Juniors

In the first heat of the Juniors we saw the only female competitor “the cool” Maaike Huvermann from Holland, who unfortunately was struggling a little in today’s conditions and didn’t manage to score enough points to make it through to the next rounds. Riccardo Marca and Nicolo Tagliafico both from Italy pulled of some nice tricks in the early heats, in the next rounds Mr Marca was stopped by Kostya who also competes in the Juniors and Nicolo was stopped by Steven another competitor who competes in two age group categories. In the spotlight was Kostya Smirnov who impressed the judges with High Forwards and fast spinning Flakas. But in the final Steven Max won against Kostya in a really close 2:1 decision.


U17 Juniors Results Single Elimination # 1

  1. Steven Max (ARU-888)
  2. Kostya Smirnov (RUS-1)
  3. Riccardo Marca (ITA-988)
  4. Nicolo Tagliafico (ITA-102)



U20 Youth

The Youths (U-20) category was next up this time in the rainy conditions with slightly stronger winds. This group saw two new comers: the Austrian Paul Simmerl and Giovanni Passani from Italy.

The 2012 IFCA Freestyle Vice World Champion in the U20’s Rafael de Windt from Curacao showed off a nice routine with a bag of solid tricks. On the other side we had the 2011 IFCA Freestyle European Champion Belgium’s Yentel Caers performing a selection of new school tricks. Because of the early night fall, the competition got cancelled and both riders will meet each other on the next competition day in a high class freestyle final. 

Paul Simmerl – Pic: BOJAN SIROLA


Yentel Caers – Pic: BOJAN SIROLA



The third day (Thursday) saw no wind, although the weather forecast predicted up to 25 knots winds in the afternoon but the wind direction was off-shore so on the inside of the bay the winds were too unstable to run the last rounds of the Youths finals. While waiting for the winds to get better with the next possible start postponed until noon, a football tournament was organized with 4 teams including a local team. After a three course meal lunch, the winds got even less so a horse riding session took place and some riders and the head judge had their first time on a horse! The competition was called off and everyone gathered for a little hang out at the local Safari Bar, an unusual place inside the Kamenjak nature park with the most beautiful view over the Mediterranean Sea.

©IFCA/EFPKT Ruben Petrisie


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