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on 16. August, 2012 – 22:11 / 19 Comments

Ben Newson AUS-23) from Perth, Western Australia is a 28 year old firefighther and windsurfing addict. He likes wavesailing and has been competing on the PWA tour since 2011. Ben has been in Europe since May and is already a bit home sick, missing Australia and waves. Now he edited a very nice clip, which shows some of his best clips he collected during his journeys.


“Enjoy some footage from the last 2 years wave sailing in Australia and Maui. It was mostly filmed with a Canon 60D and a Go Pro Hd2. I used Adobe Premiere pro cs 5.5, Photoshop and After Effects to edit the video. It´s called home sickness because I’ve been travelling for the last 5 months and started making the video on a smellly ferry going between Fuerteventura and Tenerife. As I started going through the clips I had the combination of fumes, the rocking of the boat and watching epic waves made me want to go home. Bring on the summer!” (BEN NEWSON)


Latest & Best Videos:
Loick Lesauvage at Ho'okipa
Loick Lesauvage at Hookipa

It looks like Loick Lesauvage has been windsurfing at Ho’okipa for ages, but he wasn’t. He is from France and just 15 years-old.

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Jason Polakow
Jason Polakow at Cloudbreak

Last October Jason Polakow set out to windsurf Cloudbreak, one of the most famous left-handers south of Tavarua island on Fiji.

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Philip Köster in "Wild in Pozo"
Philip Köster in “Wild in Pozo”

Philip Köster definitely knows how to sail in Pozo. Watch this short clip from Philip’s windsurfing session yesterday.

Camille Juban and Antoine Martin went big on Masirah Island, Oman
Oman Desert Windsurfing

Camille Juban, Antoine Martin, friends and a camera team travelled to Oman during July 2014 and produced a nice clip.



  • georgi says:

    did he crash the turtle with his board ?

  • ben says:

    no turtles where harmed in the making of this film. turtles are cool!

  • Dave says:

    I get the ultimate aussie feeling watching an UTE doing donuts.hahaha!! nice Clip Mate. Esperance, coros?

  • price check says:

    nice vid beno! like that 4+ turn wave! had a chuckle at 2:45, strength testing always sucks haha

    bring some wind back ya carn. straya cunt

  • ben says:

    probably had thunderstruck playing while I was cutting hoops in the ute!

    Theres a little bit of corros. The heli stuff and one other jump. no Esperance unfortunately i coudn’t make it down there for a decent forecast.

    cheers glad you like it.

  • BMP says:

    WHOOOOP WHOOOP Thats a good cunt! The underwater shot of you getting rolled was epic!!!!

  • fisher says:

    worst style ever… sorry dude

  • ben says:

    I couldn’t agree more, I’m about as stylish as a baby girafe learning to walk for the first time.

    When do your style clinics start by the way maybe I’ll sign up.

    • fisher says:

      at least you have a good sense of humour!

      here are my style tips:

      1- try to put your board on the rail in you bottom turns instead of keeping it flat. for this you need to use your whole body instead of standing straight ( like a baby girafe : )
      2- try to go vertical sometimes, this could help you to complete propper turns,
      3- for aerials, if you wanna land them in front the wave ( and not at the back because then you have to cut the end of every clip like we see in this video ) you should try to hit the lip from under, not from above…
      4- for cutbacks , try to move your body weight ( and also your sail ) to the front during the turn, instead of pulling on your sail and pushing desperately on your legs.

      in a few words : try to ride like if you didn´t have a sail, which means using the power and speed of the wave, and not only the power of your sail.

      then you will actually look like you are RIDING the wave.

      if you wonder who i think i am to tell you this, i have to tell you the truth: i am the hidden hermaphroditic kid of Jason polakow and Iballa moreno, and they sent me to patagonia so that nobody sees me, because i m so ugly : imagine Jason with curly/blondy hair, boobs and spanish accent… that´s me….

      • John says:

        Haha funny joke at the end. Not. I thought his waveriding was sick. Not everyone is like Polakow and his waveriding is way better than most windsurfer’s, probably including yours too

  • proffitt says:

    hahaha.. nice benny!!

  • keyboardwarriors_suck says:

    Nice clip dude! Looks like epic times!

    Question for Fisher…

    -Are you one of those people who can not just enjoy a nice video clip of someone who totally loves this epic sport?

    Here is my style tip for you Fisher:

    If you have nothing nice to say, than don’t.

    Get your gear, go sail and go follow your own styletips instead of being a Keyboard warrior!

    • fisher says:

      i just thought i could help him look nicer on a windsurfboard…

      he wants people to watch him sailing ( that´s why you make a video of yourself right? it is not like a travel video or something showing new spots and new countries where to windsurf… ) so he´d better look good on the water no?

      this guy was actually shouting at Victor Fernandez in Hookipa, telling him he should get out of the water because he has no idea about riding a wave….

      • Hi fisher,

        I dont want to give you shit, but I do want to take it up for Ben a bit… Me and my friends have been spending quite some time here with him in Tenerife and I think I speak for all of us if I say that He is a funloving and easygoing person off and ON the water!

        I find it hard to believe that he screamed or said something like this to Victor…

        I also think that he does not put the video up to be judged on his skill or get an online course on how to be a better waverider but just because he wants to share the stoke of the sport. And well he seems to be stoked and enjoying it and it’s a fun video to watch.. so isnt that all that matters :)

  • georgi says:


  • Nice vid Ben! Has cool footage and a really nice vibe to it!!

    forget about these people giving you and eachother shit, you’re a good surfer and you’re enjoying it that is all that matters! I say 10/10!

    See you in a bit!

  • ben says:

    Cheers for the advice fisher mate I’ll take it on board. Its good to have a bloke that knows what he’s doing tell it like it is. Victor and me are now friends on facebook so I guess you dont have to worry yourself with what was said or wasn’t said.


  • Hey, fisher is giving some good tips. Ben can learn a lot from them. Why you ride such a wide board? Seems that you aren´t too much heavy. Great places and editing!