Freek Crash Dieter van der Eyken
on 30. July, 2012 – 01:53 / 27 Comments

We saw the Belgian freestyle windsurfer Dieter van der Eyken trying to show his new move, called Freek, in his heats of the Single Elimination at the PWA Freestyle Worldcup Fuerteventura. He did not land it, but he told us, that he already landed a few before the competition. The Freek is basically a Switch Stance Cheeseroll. Watch the move and below a short interview with Dieter about the move.






Interview with Dieter


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  • inFAMOU$ says:

    Ahhhhh finally I get to see it! I missed it live and couldn’t wait.
    It’s like a cross between an air eslider and a burner! Sick dude!!!

  • thomas says:

    very nice move!!
    but i think it’s stupid to call this move after the name of severn’s latest freestyle sail… let’s find something cool instead…
    imagine if gollito would have called the burner ” the Ice “, and kiri would have called the kabikuchi “the Pure”, thatt’s pretty bad i think

  • Fred says:

    Great move Dieter! Although you crashed it, you make it seem quite easy already (not that it’s easy, but it’s executed pretty smooth).

    Moves like this are real ‘inventions’, compared to that lame ass Shotta move from Mr. hippityhop.

    • inFAMOU$ says:

      Mr hippityhop landed one today at the 4th attempt. so STFU. =)

      • Mike says:

        Shotta? isn’t it just a shoveit then a flaka? the shoveit needs to land into a flaka, otherwise its not really a combo but if it did that it could be a pretty sick power move

  • andre says:

    how can you not land this on flat water??? sorry but you cant compare this move to victor, he is making the move while he continues with the flow of the wave, actually he got closer than you on a wave!! not acceptable to see this clip or call it a name, which is worst!! sorry.

  • peter says:

    yes andre you are right !!! an commom guys i saw philip koster doing it on flat an wave conditions perfect 2 years ago in vargas… its definetly not a new move and shouldn’t be named after dieter.

    • Maarten says:

      any video of that Andre and Peter? or are you just confusing this with a ponch or a goiter or something else?, I doubt (but I may be wrong)if they tried this type of air-e-slider thing Dieter is trying here… (and how come you didn’t land it on flat water yet 😉 ) Even so, ‘wave’-moves performed on flat wter heve been given a ‘new’ name before (cfr ponch & Goiter, or taka wich is just a clew first puneta on the wave (without jump)..)

      PS 1 way to go Dieter!
      PS 2 shotta is just as much a new move (or new combo) as the bongka was… no need to criticize, would be very happy if I could ever land one of those…


    • Al Bentley says:

      where is the video? flaka is taka on flat water and I don’t see lots of people whining about it

  • Sick Dieter! Will go train now… keep it coming!! :)

  • andre says:

    maarten, just want to remind you that: 1- the goyter was created by dave kalama 2- i can see that you are not a wave sailor because how can you say that the taka (inveted by taka kamaguchi back in 1996) is a clew first punyeta, it was first made on a wave. 3- the ponch was invented by a wave rider kevin ponitchera on sprecks when on hookipa their was no waves. 4- freestyle was created by wave sailors so chill out.
    you are probably a kid around 20 years old that dont even know who scott fenton was.

    • medea says:

      Please don´t start again a discussion insulting people. Your explanation is cool, but the last sentence is not necessary. Please, stay on topic! Thanks!

    • inFAMOU$ says:

      You’re missing the point completely. And most of the info you provided is actually incorrect. The original name of the move was STINGER and it was first shown in Fuerte during the PWA, and it was then switched to ponch because Kevin was nicknamed Ponch and people just held on to that.

      Maarten not a wavesailor huh? And yet he pulls doubles both sides…
      Even so, ‘wave’-moves performed on flat wter heve been given a ‘new’ name before

      He is just sayin that the SAME MOVES have different names according to the conditions. This explanation is actually redundant to me.

      I know who Scott Fenton was. So? Do you want a medal for that?
      If somebody needs to chill out here, that’s you dude.

      Freestyle was created by wave sailors? No way. Wavesailing was brought back to life by freestylers though.

      • Maarten says:

        Thanks Mattia, (though you mistake me for Maarten Van Ochten I guess, who’s way out of my league both in terms of wave-sailing and freestyle) I indeed wasn’t talking about chronology, of which move was invented first, just about that ‘similar’ moves get different names if they are performed on a wave or on ‘flat’ water. I’ll admit I was wrong about the fact that Victor tried something similar earlier, I missed it…( though if I’m not mistaken that was more of a clew-first goiter attempt). I don’t like the negativity and strength of some reactions here, insulting Dieter for trying a new move… come on? I think my comments are usually laid back, and not meant to offend anyone… I’ll be the first to acknowledge my freestyle talent is limited (will anyone here follow?): eventhough my first spocks date back from 2002 my best move now still is only a mere plain funnel, which is a 2004 or 2005 move I guess, and I got no power moves or doubles in the bag) and I’ve never claimed to be a wave-sailor… So I’m a slow learner on the water, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I have no insight in moves after 20 years of windsurfing, nor that I wouldn’t know who Scott Fenton is (I actually used to have a signature Camaro wetsuit), or don’t know Kevin Ponichtera is the namesake of the ponch which he did ‘going out’ instead of doing a goiter on the wave, I did read it in the German surf magazin at the time… If someone’s supposedly wrong you can correct them without insulting them…

        So just chill and remember it’s not about what you can do or can’t do, or another man can do and you don’t, it’s just about having fun out there, whether that is floating around in 6 knots of wind or pulling the latest top notch move in 40 knots… the internet is just for the days when you can’t go windsurfing…



  • jau says:

    man thats so depressing to read all that negative stuff here. There’s an extremely good sailor pulling a new move and it takes only a few hours and you have a couple of nerds and so called experts sitting behind their screens starting to insult others and to behave like my old teacher in school… Relax guys! Would be nice if we could at least stay positive as long as it is about windsurfing.

    Dieter & Mattia: I really enjoy all your creativity put into windsurfing.

    Hang loose!

  • Maarten van Ochten says:

    Nice Dieter!

  • Agree with Maarten an applause is in order. Very nice Dieter. Now you can go for the switch forward. Not a new trick, but stay hooked in and you will be able to grab the board.

  • Vldimir Morozov says:

    Yeah! Switch forward into e-slider! Ouch!

  • blablabla says:

    this is my opinion:


  • nv says:

    good opinion blablabla

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    i’ve tryed today… the rotation is not difficuolt to do… but the landing is impossibleeeeeeee
    sick stuff, i will never land it!

  • seriously… C7 – why not delete stupid comments like the ones above – they appear in searches even after years and are just useless, insult people and transport wrong feelings for the sport.
    On my site i would also not accept comments without proper registration – it’s really lame to post and insult anonymously.

    Mattia is probably overreacting sometimes, but at least EVERYBODY knows who he is and can even come to lake garda to meet him and battle it out on the water…

    Progress will never stop because of guys like Dieter or Victor or whoever is pushing the limits (not just pro’s, they just get the most time on the water, that’s why they can push more).

    I am pretty sure, Dieters flat water attempt will go as far as Victors wave move – and i am also sure they are not argueing of who invented it first, who can give it a name or about the proper execution – both for sure know it’s not well done yet, but it is the first step in public, opening it up for everybody else!
    The first Airjibe wasn’t looking really that kind of awesome… look what is the result X years later – we are doing Culos and Konos now!!!

    • Mazatlan says:

      Thanks for the feedback / suggestions. Unfortunately recently the anonymous trolling has increased, making the threads sometimes a bit shallow and insulting. It’s a pity, but we had to limit anonymous commenting.

  • Sickk one dieter !!!

  • Surferduder says:

    I’m sorry.. but this is just gay ..

    ss cheese roll

  • The landing looks really difficult! Maybe adding another 180 degrees on landing – ending it clew first – would make it easier?