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Forwardloop into Backloop Boujmaa Guilloul
on 13. August, 2010 – 23:28 / 18 Comments

Incredible combination attempt by the Moroccan styler Boujmaa Guilloul – A Forward Loop into Backloop.  Boujmaa posted the single pictures on Facebook. We decided to make a little animated sequence for you, to see the whole move a bit better.

Boujmaa Guilloul explains for us the secret of the move: “I need to go a little bit higher and do it like a killer loop, to be able to switch the rotation a little earlier and fall backwards like a backloop. We will see in the future, if I seriously can do it. Not landed yet, so let´s cross the fingers for decent conditions. Practising makes perfection.”

We wish him perfect conditions for practising. We want to see the combo at the next events in Klitmöller or Sylt….;-)

Forward into Backloop

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