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Flaka into Shaka 720° Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo
on 30. April, 2012 – 10:28 / 22 Comments

This Flaka Shaka 720° (Flaka Shaka Flaka) from Gollito Estredo was one of the big moves of yesterday´s competition at the PWA Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf. No wonder Gollito is the winner of the first Single Elimination.

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  • Silver says:

    The correct name would be Flaka (into) Shaka 720° 😉

    • medea says:

      Yes, maybe, but nobody of the pro´s says it. I just ask some of them. I think, we will stick to the names the pro´s are giving.

  • Silver says:

    You know, this is a new combination. Not a new move. On this site there used to be a system to name all kinds of combinations. This system has been used on all your previous videos(with some exceptions).
    Why change it now? With the change you contradict other names you’ve given to moves. A shaka flaka used to be a shaka with another jump. Now it’s a shaka with an additional 360 slide?! And what’s a shaka 360 supposed to be?
    There’s really a need for some kind of article on how to name moves. Obviously people don’t know of any system for naming moves. That’s why we’re having those discussions all the time. I mean even you don’t know how to name moves(as someone who names moves daily on this website). Instead you ask the pros, who all say something different or who have names that contradict themselves or cause some other problems.
    Maybe there could be a discussion about the pros and cons of different naming systems to figure out which one is the one with the least flaws.

    • Silver says:

      One more thing…Pros aren’t pros when it comes to naming. I guess they don’t care too much about it. What if some other sailor made a Flaka into shaka into flaka(with 3 jumps). Then we wouldn’t have a name for it. It would be a different, more difficult move but we’d call it the same.

      • Silver says:

        What do we call a flaka with an additional 360 slide according to this system? We’d have to call it flaka flaka. Tell me if i’m wrong but to me this system smells very fishy…or is there even a system to it? 😉

        • Globe says:

          Just let the pros name it as they’re the ones who actually do the move.

          • Silver says:

            It’s a combination of moves that have already been there. In case they do something completely new then they name can it. But why should you let them rename old moves?

          • felix says:

            @silver so its flatwater taka shove-it flatwater taka flatwater taka…

        • Silver says:

          @ felix: a taka is slided whereas a flaka is being jumped. Besides a taka is a Move done on a wave. Shove-it and shakas are also very different in the air. Whereas gollito lands his flaka into shaka and then adds a slided 360. It’s impressive, but it still doesn’t deserve changing the naming system. It doesn’t even make the name shorter. The flaka and the shaka were revolutionary moves. This is one out of many combinations.

  • Simon says:

    This is not a new move, it is a combination of two different moves. So it’s quite easy, first is a flaka second is a shaka and after the shake is only a flip 360 not a flaka –>Flaka (into) Shaka 720°. With all this new moves and different combinations it’s very hard to understand special namecreatings, especially for beginners. But it’s a fucking nice move and when some pros call it “bla bla bla bla” or “it’s no matter” i would be ok with me.

  • Anto says:

    We don’t give a fuck about the “pros”, they are all half stupid and they didn’t see anything in there life except their free quiver bag and some water. Maybe some of the luckiest wen’t to school until 16 so they can’t kind of try to speak english and begin to understand was is good or wrong but I’m sure that 50% of them will not (and can not) do anything in their life after windsurfing. Any Continent Seven addict can name a move as much if not better than a “pro”.

    • Joe says:

      Are you a troll? looks like you are and if your not you have severe anger problems. Besides flaka-shaka-flaka is the right name for the move. nobody calls a shaka into a 360 rotation a shaka 720, they call it a shaka flaka. so if a flaka is done before it why should the last bit of the name change? judging by your grammar you dont seem too bright either, so you are in no position to call professional windsurfers who have english as a second language stupid you dumbass keyboard warrior

  • Anto says:

    “can kind of try”

  • what a $%§ comment says:

    Hey Anto,

    Little more respect for the boys dedicating a good part of their lives to giving us all a show on the water, for which you pay nothing to watch. And if you are such a hero, why don´t you tell us what a big success you made so far of your amazing life, as well as your incredible freestyle skills on the water?

    Really hope you were joking, otherwise your comments suck.

  • MC Yeates says:

    You guys (talking to you anto and silver) definitely need to windsurf more!! This is a great site but people like you trolling every move arguing about the name is definitely not helping it!

  • Silver says:

    I’m just trying to fix this naming problem. Nothing else. I wanna fix it permanently. It would be nice if the creators of this site would have the decency to learn how to name moves. Or make some article about how to name moves, since it’s an issue that comes up frequently. Thanks.

    • medea says:

      We were talking quite a lot with some riders about the naming and it really looks like there is really a need for clarity. Gollito for example names this move always Flaka Shaka Flaka, does not matter if the second Flaka is jumped or not. The conditions did not allow to jump the second Flaka. If there would have been more wind, he would have jumped into this second Flaka, instead of sliding into it. The important thing is to really slide into this second Flaka, then you can name it Flaka.

      We discussed it also and we will for now stick to the “old” naming system. So, we changed the name into Flaka Shaka 720°. Because it is much harder to jump.