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Flaka one handed into Ponch one handed Tonky Frans
on 27. March, 2011 – 13:52 / 9 Comments

That is just awesome! Tonky Frans makes an one handed Flaka into a one handed Ponch.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • sipio says:

    First of all: fantastic move!!

    Second: many guys complain about Kuma´s filming and editing but just have a comparison with Mark´s clip (sorry Mark)!
    Kuma still uses quite old 4:3 filming equipment but he knows how to use his camera (no shaking, no unneccessary zooming, a.s.o.). We need guys like Kuma! … now we only have to find a company for some equipment sponsoring 😉

  • Shakaboy says:

    Beter goed gestolen dan slecht verzonnen, of niet, Tonky? 😉

  • Tim Ruyssenaars says:

    Yeah sick variation!

  • börts says:

    …oh air flake into oh ponch!?

  • Paul says:

    Who is the ass hole who didn’t gave give a 10 for this mOOOve ?

  • Rick says:

    QUICKTIME! i wanna see slowmo

  • Mark Studer says:

    @ sipio Yeahh man all the respect for kuma, there are not a lot of guys standing 6 hours straight in the water!!

    About my clips its really raw material just out of the camera straight on the internet, I think I have enough material to make a small movie when i get back home! so be a little bit patient :)

  • Pierre says:

    I like the first angle from Kuma but the second angle is a way more impressive because you can realise how fast he can go!
    Anyway, thanks kuma for all those updates! :)