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Film Festival Sylt – News

on 26. September, 2012 – 14:56 / One Comment

A shot from one of the last year´s film presentations


Andre Paskowski and his team just announced a great news: “We are planing to run a full Windsurfing Movie Festival on Sylt at last minute. Our plan is to have the Festival either at 5th or 6th of October at 8pm at Kinowelt Cinema/Sylt Westerland. The final Date (if 5th or 6th) will be announced on Monday, October 1st. The reason for this is because of the flexible option to run a Tow In Night session during the PWA World Cup Sylt and we don´t want to run it at the same day.”


During the show the following movies will be presented:

Thomas Traversa with a Klitmöller Clip
Robby Swift and Jason Polakow with a Chile Clip
Klaas Voget and Victor Fernandez with a Chile Clip
Minds Wide Open with an Extra Indonesia Clip
Marcilio Browne with a Maui Clip
Dont let go with a Morroco Clip (tbc)

On top we have the World Premiere of the upcoming Gollito Movie called “Rewarded”!

Total Running time will be 60-80minutes.



Andre: “ONE MORE THING: We have one slot free!!!”

If you like to present something inside a cinema in front of a windsurfing community live, then it´s your chance now.
Send your clip to Andre Paskowski ( until 1st of October. The best clip goes onto the show. Important: it would be the best if the clip is unseen so far, it should be HD better full HD.



That´s a great chance, send your clips or edit one within the next days!!


Tickets for the show will be available for 6€ at the Fanatic Tent on the Beach on Friday 5th of October. Ask for Andre Paskowski. 



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