Fanny Aubet on Cabe Verde – Video

on 23. February, 2013 – 22:24 / 8 Comments

French slalom and wavesailor Fanny Aubet (FRA-809) spent great days on the island of Sal, Cape Verde. The wind conditions were light, but Fanny enjoyed wavesailing in the waves at Ponta Preta. 22 year old Fanny, she was ranked 6th on the PWA wave tour in 2012, is looking forward to a great season.




  • andre says:

    im sorry but girls are so shit at windsurfing, exept the twins….

  • Hmmmm. Every wave on Ponta preta gives you 20 turns. Every day gives you 200 waves. A 20 day trip gives you 800 turns. That means, Mr andre, that you will never reach Miss Aubets level after this trip, in your lifetime.

  • I think its because the wind is so light, its difficult to be aggressive… agree this doesn’t really look like number 6th in the world level stuff!!

  • andre says:

    man… 6th in the world doesnt mean you have to be good, you just have to look at the live streaming… its boring exept when the fabulous twins go in the water…i dont think its so hard to achieve miss Aubets level…

  • krischuschnig says:

    dear andre!

    i apreciate your honestity but i do not think you are right. in the vid of fanny you can not apreciate the power of the wave, also you break everything if you fail there.

    it is true that the level in womens waveriding is not high but consider that there are not many woman doing it. I think girls can reach the same level than boys at least almost.

    It is better to help eachother to learn more, i really do this and i also would help you andre, do not forget we share a passion together and we want more people to share this passion with us…

    hope you get a lot of windy and wavy days….