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There are positive news coming from the European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT) 2012.  The EFPT confirms an additional new event in Weymouth, UK taking place from the 3rd till the 6th of November. At the same time, this event will be the official final tourstop of 2012 and will decide the European Freestyle Champion 2012.

After the negotiations with the organiser in West Wittering (UK) remained unsuccessful cocerning the staging of the final EFPT tour stop in 2012, two young motivated windsurfers stepped into the game and asked about the possibility of organising the 2012 EFPT showdown in Weymouth, UK to promote their new event company ‘Xtreme Playgrounds’ (XPLG) and to get the European Freestyle Pro Tour riders to the UK.

They managed to land a deal with a high class title sponsor, CENTAUR Travel from London and will run the EFPT ‘King of the Wind’ from the 3rd until the 6th of November 2012, right after the EFPT event in France. 

Hanna Poschinger, EFPT press manager: “We lay all our trust in a well organised final tour stop in the UK due to the involvement of the student scene (SWA), the OTC in Weymouth and a very big and motivated scene of freestyle windsurfers on site. We look forward to seeing many of you in France and then in traveling on together to England!”


Ideal freestyle conditions at the Olympic waters of Weymouth (Pic:


But at first, the next tourstop of the EFPT will be in France at the end of October.

What´s up in France?

Despite having worked on the event during the whole summer, the organization staff of the upcoming European Funboard Expression (EFE) is now working harder to welcome a great bunch of the best European freestylers at the end of October in Six Fours. As a final EFPT event has just been confirmed to take place in the UK, 3 days after this 3rd stop in France, the EFPT stage in Six Fours is now considered as essential for many of the champions involved on the European Freestyle Championship. 


The EFE event poster 2012 showing Julien Mas in action (Source: EFE 2012).


Several top riders already pre-registered and big names from the French scene are expected to compete! The Dutch duo Davy Scheffers and Youp Schmit, the English Adam Sims, the young German Valentin Böckler are on the list already. As well the French sailors Xavier Frelin, Romain Le Gouez and Bastien Rama, Antony Ruenes, Nico Akgazciyan, Julien Mas and Adrien Bosson, the best local freestyler, who won the 2010 edition of the EFE, will compete as well. 


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