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Double Pushloop Crash Martin Ovsík
on 13. May, 2012 – 08:10 / 14 Comments

Martin Ovsík trying a Double Pushloop at Tenerife!

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  • georgi says:


  • K1000 says:

    I respect the risk-taken, but is it a real trial ?
    So, when I saw Koster do push-forward I wonder if push-backloop is possible ?

  • martin says:

    On one hand I´m sure it is possible to finish the rotation, but on the other one I´m not sure about landing, because second rotation goes very very fast, maybe uncontrolable is the right word :-)

  • J says:

    people said the frontloop was impossible… Children do them at the age of 10? Haha ! Just wait for it, once boujmaa goes for it?

  • Dieter Peschel says:

    It’s graet that amateurs try new manouvres. COngratulation ? Continue I also tried to do a double backloop at Hanstholm several years ago, but I could’nt finish it. Double backloops were already done at the wave worldcup in Japan at least 10 years ago. So, for my opinion it’s time that also double backloops will be done at world cup competitions, mainly because it looks not to difficult.

  • Shakaboy says:

    In his video( he tries 3 normal pushloops that he doesnt land.
    Why would this be a double attempt?
    Its just over rotated. As seen before in the past.
    Other then that he seems a good sailor.

    • I know him personally so I can say that it was not just over rotated pushloop but real attempt to double :-)

    • martin says:

      you are right that my normal pushes are not in perfect style, but i can land at least 50 % of them. This was real try. U know I´m amateur, love wave windsurfing and sometimes, when the good day is, I want to try something crazy, also when i know, that I´m not skilled enough for that :-)

  • nv says:

    double pushloop has been landed by dutch wavesailor harry vogelenzang already.

    • Globe says:

      Is there a video?

      • nv says:

        there is no video but he sais so in an intervieuw in surf april 2011.
        he also invented the no handed pushloop and he landed a pushloop into air taka
        search for harry vogelezang on you tube there he makes a one handed pushloop 3 moths ago in south africa

  • says:

    It looks like just an overrotated no skill backloop try sorry but do not fool the people

  • chris says:

    Here is the link of the full video:



  • georgi says:

    this guy is no nonsene though he is not a pro. But, who cares? If he nails a double pushloop (documented), he nails. And his name goes to history. He doesnt have to be a wave champ to deserve that. Sean Ordonez first nailed the vulcan and every wave sailor has more or less heard of that name, although he was never a wave champ.BTW can anyone recall who the wave champ for 2004 was ?….Being first is what counts.