Double Culo Kiri Thode
on 2. January, 2013 – 14:39 / 10 Comments

Kiri Thode did this Double Culo last August on Bonaire, sent it now and whishes all of you a Happy New Year! The move looks maybe not that spectacular like an Air Kabikuchi, but the level of difficulty is also very high. 


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  • Did I told You guys from continentseven to write something about the “spectecular Air kabicuchi”? NO! believe me there’s enough video of him doing a ” Spectecular Air Kbicuchi” but it lies in his hands if he wants to show it off on continentseven on a video, or during a PWA COMPITION:)! have a nice week!:)

  • while one cannot control what others have to say how you respond to them is always up to you. always. while you may not have agreed with what C7 wrote you always have the choice to respond with calm and respect or with anger and frustration. C7 is simply trying to give him credit for the difficulty of the move. Those not experts in freestyle might not appreciate the double culo as being as flashy as other moves even though it may be as or more difficult to do. The comment is about the move itself and not Kiri or his exceptional level of sailing.

  • BMDS says:

    Indeed you can’t control what others have to say and load, that doesn’t mean you are indifferent to what they say or load. I tried to understand both sides and I have to say that I can agree with reactions given. Even though C7 mention that the comment is about the move and not about Kiri I have to wonder why was this comment even given? I went back looking at couples of C7 upload of other surfers and strangely enough NO comment where given. So why give any comments on the one of Kiri alone? You that are experts may know and appreciate certain moves but it is we that look at your side and read it take our conclusions from your comments even though we like the move, but if we read what you wrote it just makes us doubt. Maybe it would be more professional to either give comments on all surfers or none, or rephrase your comments. I can see where the frustration if any, comes from. ps. Have a blessed and windy 2013!

    • Jack says:

      Because the second culo rotation isn’t that high, the move looks easier than it actually is due to the second rotation not standing out. Whereas with Davy and Steven, their seconds culo’s were full rotations. Thats why they said that. Don’t see what the big reaction is for, just chill out and stop looking for things to get offended about

  • felix says:

    i think nobody else than kiri could do a double culo in these lightwind conditions.

  • Label color says:

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