Davy Scheffers windsurfing at Preluk in Croatia

on 2. December, 2012 – 21:59 / 6 Comments

Watch a short clip featuring the Dutch freestyle windsurfer Davy Scheffers at Preluk, which is a very popular early morning spot in the north of Croatia.

Andraz Zan: “Waking up at 3am, driving one and a half hour to the spot… rigging up in dark and hitting the water half an hour before the sun rises… The colors… the picture you get at that moment on the water is priceless… But there is not a lot of action as Davy “kissed” the boom and we had to drive to the hospital nearby to stitch him up … bad luck but still we had nice conditions and a looooot of fun!”

Camera & edit: Andraž Žan
Location: Preluk, Croatia



  • Unkown says:

    Yo nice video mann..

    But i don’t like your attitude you were in aruba a year or two ago and i didn’t like your style…
    I was born and raised in aruba i have been windsurfing for quite some time now.
    I couldn’t wait for the pwa in aruba but the wind conditions were bad but everybody was still having fun except you
    you were complaining and saying this sucks aruba sucks im never going back to aruba again i thought you were cool but youre not
    Before I watched your videos i tought you were a cool guy but you ended up to beeing an asshole and only thinking of yourself:(

    • medea says:

      Hi Unknown!
      Insulting people, without having the courage of writing a real name is not the proper way. We have opened the comments again to make writing a comment easier. The only thing we ask for is, to stay on topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Medea – Continentseven

      • sLOVEnia says:

        Hey Aruba boy…this coments are for the movie above, not for your personal trauma(cause somebody said that aruba sucks-maybe the spot sucks;)…). Anyway if you have personal message have balls and send it in with your name on facebook,email,twitter. Continent seven is page for presenting sport UNKNOWN-DUDE!

        • unknown says:

          u should stop windsurfing because the brands dont pay. u pay theit promotion dont u realize?


          • pepean says:

            unknown, if i payed thousands of euros to get to an event/spot and there is no wind, i would probably complain as well, because such a situation sucks. not everyone is, let us say gifted, with beeing born on an island….