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“Coming Home” is the latest video production by Maui Nerd Productions, a road trip along the west coast of the USA. Everything started with the trips to the American Windsurfing Tour events and Kevin and Johannes from Maui Nerd Productions never had the intention to make a clip about these trips, but in the end and looking through the clips, they saw some beauty and decided to share the footage with us. “Some would call it a video or a movie: We say it’s more a slideshow of good memories, unique moments with unique friends, funny stupid things, stunning nature and some great sailing!” (MNP)


The multiple Windsurfing World Champion Kevin Pritchard and the multi media design guru Johannes Neumann from Berlin (Germany) seem to be the perfect team for their projects. Kevin Pritchard: “The past three years with Maui Nerd Productions has been pretty much the time of my life. And that is a pretty heavy quote. You consider the high’s of winning some world titles, and to go do something totally different, it has been a dream.”


Thanks for sharing your dream with us! 

Don’t forget to read our interview with Kevin and Johannes about the video, too. > Interview




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  • […] “Coming Home” is the latest video production by Maui Nerd Productions, a road trip along the west coast of the USA. Maui Nerd Productions are multi media design guru Johannes Neumann from Berlin, Germany and former wave World Champion Kevin Pritchard. They were travelling to the events of the American Windsurfing Tour, but extended these trips a little bit. In the beginning they never had the intention to produce an extra clip about these trips, but going through the clips, the decided to make a video. “As we were going through a couple of last year’s shots to archive this big mess of clips, we saw some beauty. There was no question about to not make a video about our trips in the blessed country of the Unites States. Big times, unique moments…” […]

  • Maciek Rutkowski says:

    good one guys, really gets the feeling across when u freezin ya arse off in snowy Europe!
    I bet you guys have another version for your personal private-memory use though, haha!
    Oh and Pritch, that’s what you were missing while staying with me the only time – the Tree hahahahahah!
    keep it up love the work, great timalapses, great music – just gimme more!!

  • juergen.d2 says:

    Das macht ja Fernweh….. schönes Video !!!

  • Yarden says:

    Niceeee video!! I enjoyed allot watching!!

  • arnie says:

    awesome! now i am all fired up to go explore cape mendacino; i past it so many times when driving up to pistol and back home; always wondering how it would be. wind maps are always cranking red at that area in summer. good to see a great movie bringing some well-needed attention to the US west coast (in addition to the AWT), showing how underrated it is: world class windsurfing all year round and max 10 people on the water; beats any crowded spot! c ya at waddell!!!!

  • This is not a sick video…it’s an awesome MOVIE. Big up #MNP!

  • nv says:

    still one of the best wave saillors in the world.
    great movie

  • georgi says:

    The weak point of this video is that it is tooo short. A GEM! KP is the nobleman of windsurfing. He RIPS. Great job guys. Keep rockin’ !