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Close Call Eva Oude Ophuis
on 8. June, 2012 – 12:42 / 14 Comments

Eva Oude Ophuis´s guarding angel was watching her. The Dutch had a really close call in Pozo, nearly had her head chopped off with a fin of a sailor, who came MUCH to close. Imagine this sailor, would have spun out!

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  • georgi says:

    Notice that they ride against the sunset. In such circumstances riding fast,with reflections from the water and sunblinded chopping off someones head or kit is a piece of cake. I wonder how it hasnt happened so far in such heavily surf polluted spot. That girl, she is realy lucky. People riding enjoyable late sunny afternoon sessions in Pozo,El Medano should always bear that in mind.

  • andre says:

    people have no brain in pozo (and i dont mean the locals). people there just dont give a damn, you sail and if you are in front they just run you over, i have been hit 3-4 times there.i have to say that the bunker wave is for locals and pros, the rest of the beach (is massive) is for people that are learning how to ride.

  • ertr says:

    Pablo is a local…

  • Vladimir says:

    Killerfish boards! Got it!

  • andre says:

    pablo is a local, i said about my case about people with no control, if it wasnt because he is a great sailor, probably the story would have ended differently….

  • ertr says:

    This was too close even if the rider was Koster, Victor, Kauli or Brawzinho…. But those riders you will not see riding like that (so close to people’s head)!
    This is pure arrogance. Mostly done by wannabe pros and stupid locals who have never saild any spot other then their local spot…

  • Mr. Niceguy says:

    holy shit!!!
    I´m scared.

    As I see it, he was out of control… fin and board out of the water.

    P.S.: Thats why I always wear a helmet.

  • SD says:

    I think this was not his fault, we shouldn’t blame him. This could happened to the best of us. And we’re all lucky it ended well. With the sun low and high waves you have bad visibillity. Maybe he was a bit reckless but who isn’t when he’s having a great session.

  • andre says:

    high waves??? HAHAHAHA

  • Paul Boef says:

    maybe we need to start sailing with rubber fins

  • Rodri says:

    Pablo is a superrespectful sailor. We do not know why he passed close if you know the spot you also know that this situations can happen to anyone you should put away this vid continentseven

    • medea says:

      Hi! This video should not blame anyone, otherwise we would have written a name. We hope people see it more as a warning.

      • rodri says:

        i think it should be clear that this is an almost accident and not an intended thing.
        Both sailor in the vid are very respectful in the water. With the crouds and against the sun it is very difficult to see in the bunker, there are also different people jumping at the same time. Try to be seen in any moment…

  • Olli says:

    normal pozo shit – some guys seemed to lost their brain by the wind! to all those guys. I HATE YOU!