• Eleazar Alonso

Pushloop Tweaked one handed – Eleazar Alonso

What a nice perspective on Ele's one handed Tweaked Pushloop (Pushloop Tabletop).
  • Markus Rydberg Taka

Taka – Markus Rydberg

Taka by the Swedish windsurfer Markus Rydberg filmed at Tenerife.
  • Victor Fernandez Onshore Waveride

Wave Ride Side Onshore – Victor Fernandez Lopez

Side Onshore wave ride by Victor Fernandez at Pozo Izquierdo.
  • Antoine Albeau

Pushloop – Antoine Albeau

We filmed this excellent Pushloop from Antoine Albeau during the 2014 PWA wave event at La Torche, where Antoine finished in 9th.
  • Backside Wave 360 - Alex Mussolini

Backside Wave 360 – Alex Mussolini

A Backside Wave 360° by Alex Mussolini on a small wave at Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria. Great for learning.
  • Philip Köster Backloop

Backloop Crash – Philip Köster

To crash is human. Sometimes even Philip Köster crashes his Backloops...
  • Victor Fernandez - Goiter

Goiter – Victor Fernandez Lopez

Goiter in side-onshore conditions by Victor Fernandez at Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria.
  • Thomas Traversa Frontside Wave 360

Frontside Wave 360° Crash – Thomas Traversa

Sometimes World Champions crash, too.
  • Philip Köster Tweaked Pushloop

Pushloop Tweaked – Philip Köster

Tweaked Pushloop by Philip Köster at La Torche, France.
  • Red Bull Storm Chase Daniel Bruch

Forward Loop Stalled – Daniel Bruch

This huge Stalled Forward Loop from Dany Bruch was captured during the first mission of the Red Bull Stormchase in Ireland.
  • ricardo_twpush_torche2014

Pushloop Tweaked – Ricardo Campello

Tweaked Pushloop by Ricardo Campello filmed during the PWA event at La Torche in France.
  • Graham Ezzy - Taka one handed

Taka one handed – Graham Ezzy

Watch an amazing one handed Taka by Graham Ezzy.