• Moritz Mauch

Air Taka/Air Eslider Clew First – Moritz Mauch

Following up on Moritz Mauch's Clew First Air Taka attempt, which caused a quite long discussion, we remembered filming an earlier version of this move last year.

  • Moritz Mauch

Air Taka Clew First Crash – Moritz Mauch

It has been windy lately at Pozo Izquierdo and Moritz Mauch is working on his move repertoire. Moritz Mauch is known for his playful windsurfing style and sent us an Air Taka attempt.

  • Backloop by Ricardo Campello

Backloop – Ricardo Campello

Backloop by Ricardo Campello filmed at La Torche, France.

  • Wave Ride Graham Ezzy at Hookipa

Wave Ride Down The Line – Graham Ezzy

A Wave Ride at Hookipa by Graham Ezzy.

  • Eleazar Alonso Backloop one handed

Backloop one handed – Eleazar Alonso

One handeded from the beginning of the Backloop until the landing.

  • Balz Müller Clew First Double

Double Clew First Crash – Balz Müller

Balz Müller was dreaming of landing clew first doubleloopstoads, so he tried it on the next day.

  • Eleazar Alonso

Pushloop Tweaked one handed – Eleazar Alonso

What a nice perspective on Ele's one handed Tweaked Pushloop (Pushloop Tabletop).

  • Markus Rydberg Taka

Taka – Markus Rydberg

Taka by the Swedish windsurfer Markus Rydberg filmed at Tenerife.

  • Victor Fernandez Onshore Waveride

Wave Ride Side Onshore – Victor Fernandez Lopez

Side Onshore wave ride by Victor Fernandez at Pozo Izquierdo.

  • Antoine Albeau

Pushloop – Antoine Albeau

We filmed this excellent Pushloop from Antoine Albeau during the 2014 PWA wave event at La Torche, where Antoine finished in 9th.

  • Backside Wave 360 - Alex Mussolini

Backside Wave 360 – Alex Mussolini

A Backside Wave 360° by Alex Mussolini on a small wave at Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria. Great for learning.

  • Philip Köster Backloop

Backloop Crash – Philip Köster

To crash is human. Sometimes even Philip Köster crashes his Backloops...