• Victor Fernandez Tweaked Pushloop

Pushloop Tweaked – Victor Fernandez Lopez

We just discovered this fully planing tweaked Pushloop by Victor Fernandez on one of our hard drives.

  • Forward Loop by Moritz Mauch

Forward Loop – Moritz Mauch

Who said Moritz Mauch can't jump? This is a technically perfect planing Forward Loop.

  • Ricardo Campello Jump Crash

Jump Crash – Ricardo Campello

Nice crash by Ricardo Campello during a jump at Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria.

  • Windsurfing Jump by Robby Swift

Jump – Robby Swift

This jump is a jump where Robby Swift is not aiming for big airtime or height, it is more a wide-jump or how Ben Proffitt would call it "floaty jump".

  • Eleazar Alonso Stalled Forward Loop

Forward Loop Stalled – Eleazar Alonso

Eleazar Alonso flys over Pozo Izquierdo on Gran Canaria.

  • Philip Köster Goiter

Goiter – Philip Köster

A Goiter by Philip Köster in starboard tack conditions at La Torche in France.

  • Victor Fernandez

Catapult Crash – Victor Fernandez Lopez

Victor Fernandez got stopped to zero. Ouch.

  • Philip Köster Backloop off the lip

Backside Aerial Backloop – Philip Köster

A perfect Backside Aerial Backloop by Philip Köster at Pozo Izquierdo two days ago.

  • Ricardo Campello - Stalled Double Forward Loop

Forward Loop Stalled – Ricardo Campello

Ricardo Campello has amazing control during this Stalled Forward Loop at Pozo Izquierdo. He landed this move during his quarterfinal heat against Philip Köster at the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival 2014.

  • Stalled Double Forward Loop Philip Köster

Double Forward Loop Stalled – Philip Köster

Philip Köster shows a perfect stalled Double Forward Loop.

  • Klaas Voget Pushloop at La Torche in France

Pushloop – Klaas Voget

Pushloop by Klaas Voget filmed at La Torche, Brittany, France.

  • Backloop off the lip, Aerial Backloop

Backloop off the lip – Ricardo Campello

Ricardo Campello landed his first Backloop off the lip (also called Aerial Backloop). We asked Ricardo why he landed it after years of trying.