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Pushloop – Philip Soltysiak Pushloop – Philip Soltysiak

Pushloop by the Canadian freestyle windsurfer Phil Soltysiak filmed on Lake Ontario.

3. November, 2014 – 20:06 | One Comment
Pushloop Shaka (Tow-In) – Ricardo Campello Pushloop Shaka (Tow-In) – Ricardo Campello

Ricardo Campello won the Tow-In session at the PWA event in La Torche 2014. Amazing double rotation by Ricardo Campello.

26. October, 2014 – 15:27 | 2 Comments
Pasko (Tow-In) – Sarah-Quita Offringa Pasko (Tow-In) – Sarah-Quita Offringa

Sarah-Quita Offringa impressed everybody with her move during the Tow-In session at La Torche.

26. October, 2014 – 14:31 | One Comment
Double Forward Loop Stalled – Marcilio Browne Double Forward Loop Stalled – Marcilio Browne

We have captured this huge Stalled Double Forward loop by Marcilio Browne during yesterday’s PWA wave event at La Torche in France.

22. October, 2014 – 10:36 | One Comment
Double Forward Loop – Ricardo Campello Double Forward Loop – Ricardo Campello

Today Ricardo Campello won the Single Elimiation and most probably the PWA Wave event in La Torche. We filmed this Double Forward during the winners final against Thomas Traversa.

21. October, 2014 – 18:37 | Comments Off
Pushloop one handed (Tow-In) – Antoine Martin Pushloop one handed (Tow-In) – Antoine Martin

Antoine Martin did a very nice one handed Pushloop during the Tow-In session on the second day of the PWA event at La Torche in France. The waves were big, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough wind …

19. October, 2014 – 19:14 | Comments Off
Forward Loop – Klaas Voget Forward Loop – Klaas Voget

Perfect Forward Loop by Klaas Voget filmed during the Windsurf World Cup Sylt.

13. October, 2014 – 15:17 | Comments Off
Pushloop (Tow-In) – Ricardo Campello Pushloop (Tow-In) – Ricardo Campello

Ricardo Campello is always ready for a surprise. Nobody did expect this Pushloop during the Tow-In Night Session at the 2014 PWA Windsurf World Cup Sylt.

8. October, 2014 – 16:57 | 2 Comments
Waveriding Onshore –  Ricardo Campello Waveriding Onshore – Ricardo Campello

Difficult onshore conditions on the first day of the PWA Windsurf World Cup Sylt. Ricardo Campello’s wave ride was one of the best of today…

26. September, 2014 – 19:58 | 2 Comments
Ocean Jump – Florian Jung Ocean Jump – Florian Jung

The Ocean Jump got invented during the Ocean Jump event in Germany.

16. September, 2014 – 14:46 | 16 Comments
Goiter – Philip Köster Goiter – Philip Köster

Perfect Goiter by Philip Köster.

6. September, 2014 – 11:53 | Comments Off
Taka – Alex Mussolini Taka – Alex Mussolini

Taka by Alex Mussolini filmed during the Cold Hawaii PWA Worldcup at Klitmøller in Denmark.

3. September, 2014 – 18:20 | One Comment