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10 most popular articles last week

Maybe you missed some of the articles on Continentseven? Scroll through the 10 most popular articles.

  • Caterina Stenta has a good stretch (Pic: Roland Bos)

Caterina Stenta – Interview

Caterina Stenta decided to start, besides her academic career, a second career in windsurfing two years ago. We had a talk with the Italian lady.

  • Pablo Ramirez with Aerial action at Mosca Point

Pablo Ramirez Bolanos at Mosca Point

Pablo hits lips hard at Mosca Point on Gran Canaria, where waves and wind can meet, especially during the winter months.

  • Eleazar Alonso

Eleazar Alonso at Pozo Izquierdo

Videos filmed from one perspective tend to be boring, but we always enjoy watching Eleazar Alonso flying over Pozo.

  • Lavanono Aerial action

Madagascar’s south

Madagascar has it all: wind, waves and sun. Sylvain Bourlard and his friends travelled to a real wave sailing paradise.

  • L’Ile aux Vaches

L’ile aux Vaches ft. Fred Debuire, Robin Goffinet, Fred Jezquel

Fred Debuire, Robin Goffinet and Fred Jezquel scored some really nice waves in L'ile aux Vaches, French Brittany. Watch a nice slow motion clip.

  • Fredrik Plantin in Western Australia

Fredrik Plantin in WA

Fredrik Plantin enjoyed his time in Western Australia, where he got wind and waves.

  • Arthur Arutkin at Wissant, France

Arthur Arutkin at Wissant

Arthur likes to windsurf in waves. This time his home spot Wissant worked well. He nailed a few nice air moves and got good wave rides on cam.

  • Justin Denel at Wissant in May 2015

Justin Denel at Wissant

Young French wave rider Justin Denel edited a clip with footage from May, when he had a big day at Wissant.

  • rydberg_denmark15_web

Markus Rydberg and Gustav Haggstrom in Denmark

Watch Viking Diaries #11 produced by Swedish wave sailor Markus Rydberg and friends. This time they show how the wave conditions look like in Denmark.

  • Edvan Souza with airtime at Jeri

Edvan Souza’s Movie

Edvan Souza can fly like a bird. Watch the short documentary about the rocket man from Jeri.

  • Jake Schettewi

Who is Jake Schettewi?

Is Jake Schettewi the new rising star in wave sailing in the near future? We hooked up with him for an interview.