R.I.P. Alberto Menegatti

R.I.P. Alberto Menegatti

The Italian slalom windsurfer and PWA Slalom Vice-Worldchampion Alberto Menegatti passed away.

R.I.P. Alberto Menegatti
St. Barth Fun Cup 2015 - Rider Statements

St. Barth Fun Cup 2015 - Rider Statements

Statements from Taty Frans, Antoine Questel, Cyril Moussilmani and Pierre Mortefon about the event.

St. Barth Fun Cup 2015 - Rider Statements
Slalom Crash – Björn Dunkerbeck
Slalom Crash
Björn Dunkerbeck
24. August, 2013 – 12:57 | 6 Comments
Race Board Spin Loop – Taty Frans
Race Board Spin Loop
Taty Frans
18. April, 2013 – 16:24 | 7 Comments
Laydown Jibe – Jordy Vonk
Laydown Jibe
Jordy Vonk
17. March, 2013 – 15:20 | 3 Comments
Slalom Crash – Björn Dunkerbeck
Slalom Crash
Björn Dunkerbeck
3. October, 2012 – 11:49 | 6 Comments
Vietnam Fun Cup 2015 Vietnam Fun Cup 2015

This year the event saw great conditions with a lot of wind. Watch a nice video from the Vietnam Fun Cup 2015 at Mui Ne in Vietnam.

8. March, 2015 – 22:43 | No Comment
Tenerife King of Downwind 2015 Matteo Iachino wins “Tenerife King of Downwind”

The Italian windsurfer Matteo Iachino wins the first edition of the “Tenerife King of Downwind”, a 17 km downwind race on the east coast of Tenerife.

9. February, 2015 – 18:08 | Comments Off
Saint Barth Fun Cup 2015 Taty Frans wins St. Barth Fun Cup 2015 – Taty Frans and Delphine Cousin win

On the final day of the event the wind arrived. After 4 eliminations Taty Frans and Delphine Cousin are the winners of the 2015 Saint Barth Fun Cup 2015. Watch two videos of the event.

2. February, 2015 – 13:15 | Comments Off
Steve Allen had the best speed overall and won (Pic: John Carter) Lancelin Ocean Classic 2015 – Results

Check out the results from the 2015 Lancelin Ocean Classics in the marathon and in waves.

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Ice Windsurfing Ice Windsurfing in Sweden

Claes Nilsson Kvick is a windsurfer from Sweden, who switches from the windsurfing board to his ice board during the cold winter months. Watch his video.

22. January, 2015 – 23:35 | One Comment
Winter Windsurf with Miriam Rasmussen Winter Windsurfing with M. Rasmussen

The Norwegian windsurfing lady Miriam Rasmussen rigs her windsurfing gear in fresh powder and goes for a windsurfing session.

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PWA Tour 2015 PWA tour calendar 2015

A little update to the PWA tour calendar. Men’s freestyle event in Leucate got added for the end of April. Check out the full calendar.

19. January, 2015 – 00:08 | 29 Comments
Jem Hall - Pic: Sue Winston Video ft. Jem Hall – The Coach

Jem Hall released a nice video with action from two of his clinics at Morocco and Baja. Watch a clip and check out his 2015 calendar.

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Kurosh Kiani Kurosh Kiani – A look back on his 2014 Slalom Season

Kurosh Kiani looks back on his 2014 Slalom season, which was not his luckiest one.

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Mussilmani leads the way (Pic: Carter/PWA) PWA Slalom Noumea, New Caledonia – Live Stream Rewatch

Did you miss the livestream from the great Slalom action at New Caledonia? Rewatch it now!

21. November, 2014 – 21:42 | One Comment
Cyril vs Antoine, the big battle at the final (Pic: PWA/Carter) The 2014 PWA Slalom title race at Noumea, New Caledonia

Read details about the exciting PWA title race in the Slalom discipline and watch a first clip.

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