Kono – Dieter van der Eyken

Kono by Dieter van der Eyken filmed in Bonaire this winter.

Shaka – Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo

What a nice perspective of this slow motion Shaka by Gollito Estredo.

Air Taka – Moritz Mauch

Pretty stylish Air Taka by the 17 year old Moritz Mauch filmed at Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria.

Double Forward Loop – Philip Köster

Double Forward by Philip Köster at Cabezo, Tenerife.

Backloop – Victor Fernandez Lopez

What a nice Backloop by Victor Fernandez.

Burner 720° (Tow-In) – Julien Mas

Julien Mas did this nice Burner 720° during one of the Tow-In sessions at the EFPT event in Russia.

Burner no handed – Tonky Frans

Burner no handed by Tonky Frans. Easy!

Culo – Paul Boef

Culo by Paul Boef behind the sand bank at the Maasvlakte, Holland.

Culo a bit different – Adrian Beholz

Haha. Watch this Culo by Adrian Beholz. Can watch it over and over.

Kono – Amado Vrieswijk

Kono by Amado Vrieswijk filmed during the PWA Surf Worldcup in Austria.

Ponch – Ezri Heymans

Ponch by the 19 year-old Ezri Heymans from Bonaire.

Board 360° – Klaas Voget

Nice way to come back to the beach by Klaas Voget.