Flaka Cana Brava – Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo

Flaka Cana Brava by Gollito Estredo filmed during the final PWA freestyle event in Sylt this year.

Air Kabikuchi – Hugo de Sousa

The Brazilian freestyle sailor Hugo de Sousa is going off at his home spot Camocim. Watch this amazing Air Kabikuchi.

Flaka one handed – Christos Loizou

Christos Loizou is a 16 year-old freestyle windsurfer living in Larnaca, Cyprus and he has sent us this one handed Flaka from one his last windsurfing session.

Burner – Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo

Burner by Gollito Estredo at Lake Neusiedler in Austria.

Pushloop Tweaked (Slowmo) – Leon Jamaer

Tweaked Pushloop by the German wave rider Leon Jamaer at Klitmøller, Denmark.

Backloop one footed – Alex Mussolini

Massive one footed Backloop by Alex Mussolini.

Culo – Philip Soltysiak

Phil Soltysiak has sent us a Culo from Sherman Island, at San Francisco Bay Area in the USA.

Backloop Clew First – Kiri Thode

Backloop Clew First by the 2013 Freestyle World Champion Kiri Thode during one of his final heats at the PWA World Cup Sylt.

Burner 900° one handed – Steven van Broeckhoven

We have filmed this Burner during Steven's heat against Tonky Frans.

Flaka into Shaka – Antony Ruenes

Flaka into Shaka by the French freestyle sailor Antony Ruenes.

Flaka no handed – Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo

We have filmed this no handed Flaka during the final heats of the Double Elimination at the DAM7 Festival PWA World Cup in Holland. It was already getting dark and it was pretty hard to focus.

Shove It Spock 540° one handed – Youp Schmit

Nice Shove It into Spock 540° one handed by Youp Schmit filmed at Brouwersdam during the DAM7 Festival.