• Waterstart clew first

Waterstart Clew First – Chris Pressler

Waterstart clew first by Chris Pressler.

Duck Jibe – Chris Pressler

We thought, it is time to put a classic move online, the Duck Jibe. The Duck Jibe is a fast way to turn and some say it is easier than the normal jibe.

Heli Tack – Steven van Broeckhoven

The Heli Tack (Helicopter Tack) is one of the first sail tricks you can learn.

Air Jibe – Maaike Huvermann

Maaike Huvermann (14) from Holland just sent us this Air Jibe filmed in the Netherlands.

Bodydrag – Davy Scheffers

A Bodydrag from the Dutch freestyle windsurfer Davy Scheffers sailed like right out of the textbook.

Carve Jibe – Iballa Moreno

Here a carved jibe by Iballa Moreno.

Carve Jibe – Philip Köster

Perfectly performed Carve Jibe by Philip Köster.

Shortboard Tack – Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo

Today comes an easy but very important manoeuvre, the tack. See how the Freestyle World Champion Gollito Estredo does the tack.

Duck Jibe – Beat Steffan

This Duck Jibe he did last year during the Supersession at the Freestyle Classix Event in Podersdorf, where there was really light wind.

Heli Tack – Chris Pressler

Chris Pressler (Aut-226) makes a Heli Tack (Helicopter Tack) in Mui Ne, Vietnam.

Chop Hop – Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo

Very well controlled Chop Hop by the freestyle world champion Gollito Estredo filmed from above.

Reverse Duck Jibe – Antony Ruenes

Antony Ruenes makes a Reverse Duck Jibe.