• Shaka by Marco Lufen

Shaka – Marco Lufen

What an amazing Shaka by the German freestyler Marco Lufen. Filmed by Jan Hendrik.
  • Christos Loizou

Ponch – Christos Loizou

Christos Loizou from Larnaca in Cyprus sent us this Ponch from one of his home spots.
  • Shifty by Yentel Caers

Shifty – Yentel Caers

Watch a perfect Shifty by the Belgian freestyle windsurfer Yentel Caers.
  • Run By - Jonathan Mourgues

Run By – Jonathan Mourgues

Jonathan Mourgues shows the "Run By", "invented" by Phil Soltysiak in 2009.
  • Eslider Diablo Sarah-Quita Offringa

Eslider Diablo – Sarah Quita Offringa

A perfect Eslider Diablo by Sarah-Quita Offringa.
  • Kiri Thode Air Bob 540°

Air Bob 540° one handed – Kiri Thode

Air Bob 540° one handed by Kiri Thode.
  • Nascimo Fournier Spock 540

Spock 540° – Nascimo Fournier

Nascimo Fournier is a 13 year-old windsurfer from France. Together with his family he spent the summer on the Greek island of Karpathos and landed his first Spock 540s.
  • Anton Munz Kono

Kono – Anton Munz

Planing Kono by the German freestyle windsurfer Anton Munz.
  • Culo by Sebastiano Vannini

Culo – Sebastiano Vannini

Culo by the Italian windsurfer Sebastiano Vannini filmed at Laka Garda.
  • Flaka one handed by Maxime Schmidt

Flaka one handed – Maxime Schmidt

Flaka one handed by Maxime Schmidt filmed at Lake Garda.
  • Riccardo Marca - Burner one handed 900

Burner 900° one handed – Riccardo Marca

Burner 900° one handed by the Italian windsurfer Riccardo Marca filmed at Vassiliki in Greece.
  • Balz Müller Grubby no handed

Grubby no handed – Balz Müller

No handed Grubby by Balz Müller filmed at Urnersee.