• Nick van Ingen and Tim Ruyssenaars at Brouwersdam

Nick van Ingen & Tim Ruyssenaars at Brouwersdam

Strong southwestern wind kicked in at Brouwersdam. The action in the freestyle pool was on.

  • Tony Möttus on Fuerteventura

Tony Möttus on Fuerteventura

Wild freestyle action and hard crashes by the Estonian freestyler. Check out his latest action flick.

  • Edvan Souza with airtime at Jeri

Edvan Souza’s Movie

Edvan Souza can fly like a bird. Watch the short documentary about the rocket man from Jeri.

  • Naxian Freestyle Contest 2015

Naxian Freestyle Contest 2015 – Video

Watch a pretty nice video with a lot of action and very hard crashes from the final event of the Greek Freestyle Tour.

  • Windsurfing Carro

Shredit at Carro ft. Sims, Marca, Caers and van Broeckhoven

Short but nice clip ft. Adam Sims, Riccardo Marca, Yentel Caers and Steven van Broeckhoven at Carro.

  • Blue Lagoon

Maa Aslama Dahab – a trip to Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Egypt is a pretty amazing freestyle spot. Follow Julian Dorer and his friends on a trip to Egypt and the Blue Lagoon.

  • EFE France 2015

Steven van Broeckhoven wins at Six Fours les Plages

Watch a short clip which shows some of the action from the final EFPT event at Six Fours les Plages.

  • Max Rowe in Vassiliki

Max Rowe in Vassiliki

Watch the powerful freestyle compilation from Max Rowe windsurfing at Club Vass in Vassiliki, Lefkas, Greece.

  • EFE 2015

EFPT Tow in at the EFE

The EFPT final 2015 at Six Fours les Plages in South of Ftrance has started with a tow in event. But strong wind should arrive during the weekend.

  • Balz Müller and his bros at Lake Agli, France

The Müller Bros around Leucate

The Müller brothers searched the region of Leucate for new spots and were successful. Watch how they sailed at Lake Agli!

  • Windskate Guy Trudeau

Magdalen Islands – Windsurf & Windskate

The Canadian windsurfer and windskater Guy Trudeau sent us a clip with some freestyle and windskate action filmed at the Magdalen Islands in Canada.

  • Freestyle action in France

Baptiste Mure in “Work in Progress”

Baptiste and his friends push their personal limits in freestyle, work hard and progress in little steps.