• King of Maceio, Brazil

King of Maceio’ – Trailer

Camocim will see an international freestyle wave competition next weekend. We can expect a firework of airmoves.

  • Adam Sims at Namibia

Adam Sims in Namibia

Last year Adam Sims and friends explored Namibia's coast and they found some nice freestyle spots. Check out Adam's latest clip.

  • Nick van Ingen and Tim Ruyssenaars at Brouwersdam

Nick van Ingen & Tim Ruyssenaars at Brouwersdam

Strong southwestern wind kicked in at Brouwersdam. The action in the freestyle pool was on.

  • Tony Möttus on Fuerteventura

Tony Möttus on Fuerteventura

Wild freestyle action and hard crashes by the Estonian freestyler. Check out his latest action flick.

  • Most popular articles last week

10 most popular articles last week

Maybe you missed some of the articles on Continentseven? Scroll through the 10 most popular articles.

  • Edvan Souza with airtime at Jeri

Edvan Souza’s Movie

Edvan Souza can fly like a bird. Watch the short documentary about the rocket man from Jeri.

  • Naxian Freestyle Contest 2015

Naxian Freestyle Contest 2015 – Video

Watch a pretty nice video with a lot of action and very hard crashes from the final event of the Greek Freestyle Tour.

  • Windsurfing Carro

Shredit at Carro ft. Sims, Marca, Caers and van Broeckhoven

Short but nice clip ft. Adam Sims, Riccardo Marca, Yentel Caers and Steven van Broeckhoven at Carro.

  • Blue Lagoon

Maa Aslama Dahab – a trip to Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Egypt is a pretty amazing freestyle spot. Follow Julian Dorer and his friends on a trip to Egypt and the Blue Lagoon.

  • EFE France 2015

Steven van Broeckhoven wins at Six Fours les Plages

Watch a short clip which shows some of the action from the final EFPT event at Six Fours les Plages.

  • Max Rowe in Vassiliki

Max Rowe in Vassiliki

Watch the powerful freestyle compilation from Max Rowe windsurfing at Club Vass in Vassiliki, Lefkas, Greece.

  • EFE 2015

EFPT Tow in at the EFE

The EFPT final 2015 at Six Fours les Plages in South of Ftrance has started with a tow in event. But strong wind should arrive during the weekend.