• Lavanono Aerial action

Madagascar’s south

Madagascar has it all: wind, waves and sun. Sylvain Bourlard and his friends travelled to a real wave sailing paradise.

  • Edvan Souza with airtime at Jeri

Edvan Souza’s Movie

Edvan Souza can fly like a bird. Watch the short documentary about the rocket man from Jeri.

  • Hookipa filmed with drones only by Karim Ilya

Ho’okipa from the air – Video

Karim Iliya filmed Ho'okipa action from above only. Watch a beautiful clip!

  • John Skye lets go the gear (Pic: Carter/PWA)

NoveNove Aloha Classic 2015 – Video Day 3

Big swell, light wind & a lot of gear on the rocks at Ho'okipa on day 3. A day of complete destruction.

  • Kauli Seadi is always hungry to battle for a victory at the Aloha Classic (Pic: 99NoveNove)

Kauli Seadi – Interview

We hooked up with Kauli Seadi to speak with him about his competition comeback and his latest KS pro models.

  • Flo Jung with a tweaked Pushloop (Pic: Dave White)

Flo Jung travels the world

German windsurfer Flo Jung released his clip "Travel Express", which shows some of his highlights of the past months.

  • Nayra Alonso by Alvaroluna Photography

Nayra Alonso’s Return to Competition – Interview

Nayra Alonso is having a little competition come back. She registered for the 2015 Aloha Classic. We caught up with her for an interview.

  • Timo Mullen in Western Australia

Timo Mullen in Western Australia

Irish wave rider Timo Mullen travelled to Western Australia and scored nice conditions. Watch his clip "Desert Rat"!

  • Robby Swift on Maui 2015

Robby Swift with big Maui Action

Robby Swift has just released a clip with his "best of" action from this year.

  • Graham Ezzy with an Aerial off the lip at Ho'okipa

Graham Ezzy in “Some Days”

SOME DAYS is a new video ft. Graham Ezzy at Hookipa.

  • Marc Pare

Marc Pare in Denmark

17 year-old Marc Pare released a very nice wave riding clip about his time in Denmark.

  • Keith Teboul from Quatro International

Goya and Quatro in a video profile

Synergy, a film about Goya Windsurfing and Quatro International, produced on Maui.