• Boro Mar on Fuerteventura 2015

Boro Mar on Fuerteventura 2015

Spanish freestyler Boro Mar shows great skills at Risco del Paso, Fuerteventura.
  • Lake Monteynard, a famous freestyle spot in the French Alps

Bastien Rama at Lake Monteynard

French freestyler Bastien Rama shows great skills at his homespot Lake Monteynard in the French Alps.
  • Cabeibusha Trailer

Cabeibusha, the Curly Gem – Trailer

A documentary ft. Sarah-Quita Offringa. The trailer looks very promising! Watch it now.
  • Balz Müller in Surfuerte 2015

Balz Müller on Fuerteventura

No limits at all. Watch Balz Müller's 2015 freestyle show including a lot of crazy tricks and scenes.
  • Winners Fuerteventura

PWA Freestyle Worldcup Fuerteventura 2015 – Offringa and van der Eyken win

Sarah-Quita Offringa & Dieter van der Eyken win the 2015 PWA Fuerteventura Worldcup.
  • Ben Proffitt

The most popular windsurfing moves 2014

These moves were the 30 most popular windsurfing moves on Continentseven in 2014.