• Pablo Ramirez Double Forward Loop Crash

Double Forward Loop Crash – Pablo Ramirez

This was a longer swim for Pablo Ramirez at Pozo Izquierdo;-)

  • Spinloop Crash by Sarah-Quita Offringa

Spinloop Crash – Sarah Quita Offringa

Sarah-Quita Offringa crashing hard...

  • Nic Hibdige Kabikuchi Crash

Kabikuchi Crash – Nic Hibdige

Kabikuchi Crash by the UK windsurfer Nic Hibdige.

  • Double Forward Loop by Daida Moreno

Double Forward Loop Crash – Daida Moreno

This Double Forward Loop attempt was definitely one of the best attempts we've ever seen by a woman.

  • Victor Fernandez

Catapult Crash – Victor Fernandez Lopez

Victor Fernandez got stopped to zero. Ouch.

  • Lazy Susan crash by Clemens Müller

Lazy Susan Crash – Clemens Müller

This Lazy Susan crash by Clemens Müller looks painful. Ouch.

  • Jamilson de Souza

Shove it Spock Crash – Jamilson de Souza

Ouch. Face plant by Jamilson de Souza trying a Shove it Spock.

  • Amado Vrieswijk Culo Crash

Culo Crash – Amado Vrieswijk

Luckily Amado Vrieswijk did not hurt himself while crashing this Culo during one of our filming sessions at Lake Neusiedl in Austria.

  • Balz Müller Clew First Double

Double Clew First Crash – Balz Müller

Balz Müller was dreaming of landing clew first doubleloopstoads, so he tried it on the next day.

  • Philip Köster Backloop

Backloop Crash – Philip Köster

To crash is human. Sometimes even Philip Köster crashes his Backloops...

  • Thomas Traversa Frontside Wave 360

Frontside Wave 360° Crash – Thomas Traversa

Sometimes World Champions crash, too.

  • Sam Green Shaka Crash

Shaka Crash – Sam Green

Outch! Sam Green crashing a Shaka.