• Jeremy Plüss in the Get Down music video

Jeremy Plüss & The Pitchers

Jeremy is a top freestyler and drummer of The Pitchers. They like windsurfing, surf music and released a music clip incl. windsurfing.

  • Ocean Film Tour 2015

International Ocean Film Tour Volume 2

An evening in Vienna watching the International Ocean Film Tour Volume 2. There are still upcoming shows in Germany, Denmark, UK, Sweden and Switzerland during May 2015.

  • EFPT 2015

EFPT Calendar 2015

The European Freestyle Pro Tour announced their 2015 calendar and it looks quite promising.

  • PWA Tour 2015

PWA Calendar 2015

The PWA tour calendar 2015 contains 13 tourstops. Men's freestyle event in Leucate got added for the end of April. Check out the full calendar.

  • Jaeger Stone - Pic: Continentseven.com

Interview with Jaeger Stone about his change to Starboard

We hooked up with Jaeger Stone to talk about his collaboration with Starboard.

  • Pascal Toselli changes from Starboard to NoveNove for 2015

Interview with Pascal Toselli about his change to 99

After one year on Starboard, the French Slalom windsurfer Pascal Toselli changed to 99. Read more.

  • Sarah-Quita Offringa - Pic: Continentseven

Sarah-Quita Offringa – Interview

A chat with Sarah-Quita Offringa about the past and the future. Read our big interview with the exceptional talent.

  • Ben Proffitt

The most popular windsurfing moves 2014

These moves were the 30 most popular windsurfing moves on Continentseven in 2014.

  • Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

It is all about a good session. We wish everyone a healthy and happy 2015 year with many great windsurfing sessions.

  • Morgan Noireaux

Interview with Morgan Noireaux

We hooked up with the 2014 Aloha Classic winner Morgan Noireaux.

  • Flo Jung and Graham Ezzy on a sailing boat in South Africa

A chat with Flo Jung and Graham Ezzy about Mon Coeur

Graham Ezzy won the supersession at Ho'okipa and donates 1000$ to Mon Couer.

  • Windsurfing at Sao Pedro on Sao Vicente, Cape Verde

What’s up? Adrian Beholz

Why does Adrian Beholz spend his whole winter at Sao Pedro on Sao Vicente? Read more.