Cape Town Mafia 2014 – Video

on 5. April, 2014 – 00:19 / 13 Comments

MatteoTesta, Jacopo Testa, Nicola Spadea and Claudio Marzeddu had great fun during their time in Cape Town. And the most important natural ingredients of wind and waves were existing. Check out the “Cape Town Mafia” in action.


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  • Sped says:

    First Franchini, then Frola and now this one too.. STOP SPEEDING THE FOOTAGE UP!

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    ehi sped i edit the video…
    slow down, i did but never fast up…. where???? i hate this.
    if u don’t trust me, i’ll send u original footage. tell me where and give me an e mail adress.
    stop saying bullshit.

    • Sped says:

      The video is cool but 95% of the video is sped up.

      The intro, the baboons, sunset at 22 secs.
      Action : 0:52 , 0.56…Seriously…Elaands is a fast wave but there’s NO way in hell that footage is not sped up…SERIOUSLY.
      1.40…and 1.45!!! REALLY????The goyter attempt, 3:22 too and 3:27 and 3:35…

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    maybe you have problem with the player!!!
    write here your email adress, give the all editing stuff. all of it.
    nothing, nothing is speed up
    after the mail, yuo will write HERE what you have seen, thanks sloppy

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    wait,i did accellerate sunset at 0.22, that’s true!!
    but action and baboon…make me laugh, give me this email or tel number, send you a watzapp

    • Sped says:

      You really have the balls to say that the wave in elands was not accelerated?!?!?!!?
      I cannot take you seriously now… For sure it must be my player then
      since I pretty much see the whole video sped up.. yeah, right.

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    not at all. sorry. maybe you are, i’m really getting pissed off of that, give me the fuckin’ mail.
    i don’t have facebook,and can’t upload pics of the storyboard here.
    i use pinnacle, as you can see sunset at 0.22 is accellerated, you can see the less quality in the footage.
    check good surfers ride in elands bay… they go even faster than me. much faster. the speed you can reach , is not the speed of the wave, but the speed that you “give” to the board,
    learn how to surf, and stop insulting the people, because to me this is just offensive.
    i HATE faster clip. i’m 32 already, quite old, did a lot of crappy video already (you can see it on my youtuvbechannel) and really at this age i don’t need stupid tricks like this.
    give me the mail or your number, again, or just shut up please.
    if i have the balls to say is not faster yuo can have the balls to write your name or your mail. is easy, really easy.
    and i’m out of this since i don’t have it and you say the true after seen the original clip or the storyboard.
    thank you (you probably must be german or italian, am i right?)

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    ok, uploaded this on my other youtube account, it is gonna stay there for 1 day only. check it out, compare with the sound and whatever, this is the original clip. pretty easy to understand is not edited. now shut up please, and if you want the rest just ask. bye sloppy AND SORRY TO EVERYONES FOR THIS BULSHIT CONVERSATION

  • Sped says:

    Ok man then there’s something seriously wrong with Pinnacle and or your camera, cause no way in hell that’s regular speed!
    Look at how fast the zoom is, how fast the board movements are and how the wave breaks and the spray off your board falls!!!
    That’s like 180% minimum of the regular speed. Enough though. You just proved the point.

    • Gary S says:

      Dude, if all the videos you watch are “sped up”, don’t you think it is your player that is not working right??? To me this video plays normal speed. I’m more interested in the massive lazy susan at 2:05

  • Livio says:

    …se uno è rallentato vede tutto accelerato. Facile no? 😉

  • raw says:

    3:03 over and over again. Epic! Thanks for sharing!

  • Manuel Giannerini says:

    Bella Claudino!!!!! Don’t listen the slow moving haters, probably he’s a classic european slowmotion rider!!! This video is super: original, funny and great action!!! Sped you know… in maremma we surfing at this speed!!!