Campello Marcilio Browne
on 13. July, 2013 – 23:52 / 19 Comments

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  • Ryan Flair says:

    Hang on now…. I was pulling that trick 3 years ago..

  • Joe says:

    *Reverse. The ‘campello’ just sounds dumb, it needs to be named for what it is. Naming rights are fine when theres no possible name for a move, but this is a reverse. Imagine if Philip Koster named the triple forward ‘the koster’

    • Campello and Reverse are not the same. The Reverse is a Backside Variation.
      Campello vs. Reverse filmed by Umi 2008:

      • Actually, they are.
        What’s wrongfully called reverse in that clip is what Levi used to call autorotator like 10 years ago.

        • medea says:

          Interview by Umi in 2008 about the Campello and Reverse:

          The Campello…by Ricardo Campello

          What inspired the move?
          Ricardo: Well it’s kind of like a ‘surf back side reverse’ which is a really sick move in surfing. Last year I had some nice back sides with a bit of sliding on the tail and this year with the new twin fin boards is much easier so I kept trying it and finally made it.

          What is hard about it?
          Ricardo: The hardest part I guess is how to first hit the wave to make sure the board is gonna spin. Once the board slides that’s pretty much it.

          How do you think it should score in a wave heat?
          Ricardo: I think it should score pretty high because it is a new move, not many people can do it and it also looks really nice especially when you really hit the lip backside.

          The Reverse….by Alex Mussolini

          What inspired the move?

          Alex: I always loved the ‘autorotator’ move which is similar to the reserve, but without the feet inside the footstraps. When I was at Pozo with Brendan, our UMI boss, I told him that I was really good at the autorotator and I thought that this move could be more radical and better looking if I could go with my feet inside the footstrap with speed. I thought about it during breakfast so he said go and do it, stop talking about it, and as soon as I got on the water I tried it and BOOM! The secret is to learn the autorotator really well and then the Reverse comes along. Brendan is a good friend; he is always pushing me to go harder and with style!

          What is hard about it?
          Alex: The hard part of the move is that if you don’t have good timing with the wave, you can’t rotate. Good speed, good timing – you got it!

          How do you think it should score in a wave heat?
          Alex: I think that this move is medium to hard level, but you never know what the judges want. Probably if a top 10 rider invented this move, the move would be scored high! Ha! Ha!

    • No Brain says:

      Wrong a triple would then also be called “campello”. He tried years before the rest. And so far also can claim best attempts.

      • Dan says:

        At the time when compels was trying them koester was still a kid, he undoubtedly makes better attempts and is a quite and modest guy, if they named the Tripp,e after anyone surely it should be him

  • Gary S says:

    I too think Campello is a bad name for this move and it should be called a Reverse.

    In surfing, a what we call a “Campello” is called a backside reverse. … Why make it so confusing between the two sports?

    And in windsurfing, a “reverse” is either 1) an auto rotator in the straps or 2) a backside wave 360 holding the mast.

    In my mind, a Campello is a new move first done by Ricardo and should be called a reverse. And the Reverse is just a stylish autorotator.

  • Gary S says:

    On the topic of auto rotator style moves what would you call the move by Graham Ezzy at 4:44?

    And in the same video at 6:35 is a clip of Boujmaa switching his hands in the backloop like the new video of Koster doing.

    • Ha ha, nice! Graham’s trick is an autorotator but the fin caught in mid rotation and so he switched his feet around and managed to save it comin out sailin fin first, to then complete the rotation with a sail/body 360 kinda thing. It’s more of an improvised save than an actual trick. Still cool though!

  • Nico T says:

    The campello is a kind of grubby of the lip.
    The grubby was name after the nicname of greg alloway, its inventor.
    I guess the “Monkey” would have been more logical though (I think it’s the nicname of ricardo…)

  • Dimitri says:

    God I love how we are all total geeks! Seriously, I LOVE it! It means windsurfing is interesting to some people