Bonifacio Freestyle Project 2013 – VIDEOS

on 22. June, 2013 – 14:00 / 10 Comments

The 2013 Bonifacio Freestyle Project invited the best French freestyle sailors and some of the best freestyle riders from the rest of the world to battle against in each other on the island of Corsica. One of the challenges was, to produce a video from the event.

The video for Team France (Antony Ruenes, Julien Mas, Romain Pinocheaut, Adrien Bosson, Antoine Albert, Nicolas Akgazciyan) was produced by double4productions and the video for Team International (Steven van Broeckhoven, Dieter van der Eyken, Ruben Petrieise, Maarten van Ochten) was produced by Andraz Zan. Both videos are amazing and the crews have put a lot of work into the final video.












Latest & Best Videos:
Camille Juban's comeback
Camille Juban back in business – Video & interview

Camille recovered from a shoulder surgery & won the first AWT event in 2015. Watch a great clip.

Galicia trip by Antoine Albert and David Bensussan (Pic: Total Riding Production)
David Bensussan and Antoine Albert in Galicia

David Bensussan & Antoine Albert drove from Marseille to Galicia and found clean waves.

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Victor Fernandez Chile Highlights 2015
Victor Fernandez – Chile Highlights 2015

Victor Fernandez released a clip with his best windsurfing action from the last months in Chile.

Alex Mussolini windsurfing on Tenerife
Alex Mussolini in “Un dia grande”

Big swell and strong wind were the perfect ingredients for an insane Alex Mussolini show. A great clip by BJ Productions.