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Backside Wave 360° Victor Fernandez Lopez
on 11. March, 2012 – 00:40 / 14 Comments

Wow. This was probably the highest Backside Wave 360° we have seen in Pozo (Gran Canaria) during last year´s PWA Worldcup. Actually, the move looks already more like a Shaka with the wave, than a Backside Wave 360°. The move got definitely more and more extreme during the last years, every year the sailors got more and more height, and this is now the most extreme form of a Backside Wave 360°. We also were talking with Victor Fernandez about the move and he sticks to the name Backside Wave 360° (or Backside Air Wave 360°), does not matter if it is in the air or not.

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  • John Smith says:

    nice shaka!! i have seen Ruenes going higher!!

  • James McC-P says:

    I reckon off-the-lip = backside3.

    Shaka on the face is gay. This is sick!

    I’d like to see kono off the lip!

    • fisher says:

      actually i don t see a lip there… maybe 10 cm of white water where he jumps!
      but it s still a super nice shaka in the wave!!! freestyle or waveriding? anyway pozo is not waveriding , if you go there with a surfboard you can t even ride more than 5 meters before the wave disappears

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    guys this is just sick!
    nothing more to add

  • georgi says:

    canarian school rules! cutbacks and bottom turns on and on till the break of dawn….boring…

    • raw says:

      Boring?! You can only say that when you haven’t experienced the feeling yet.

      Poor you!

      • thomas says:

        ahahah!! true!

        • Maarten says:

          …think Georgi means just doing bottom turns and cut backs are relatively boring ‘to look at’ (with extremely few exceptions I very much agree). It doesn’t mean it isn’t very difficult to do it right, with the right timing and placement on the wave, and it doesn’t mean that it sure feels fantastic and thrilling to be doing it yourself and it’s quite a kick to hit that lip hard… but to me (and I think to Georgi) it’s much more fun to watch when the riders throw in big aerials of the lip, shakas, takas wave 360’s, mutants, goiter’s, forwards off the lip and the like…



  • claudio marzeddu says:

    no maybe you guys don’t understand what is doing a shaka in the wave with a 3.3 sail and 50knots-
    this is almost air shaka, the control in the air and in the landing is sick, how can you guys say this is BORING….?????
    hahah really guys you say like that because you don’t know what you’re talking about
    it’s perfect.

    • fisher says:

      learn to read first! nobody said this shaka was boring, it’ s a sick one ! the only one talking about “boring” was georgi, and he was talking about down the line waveriding…

  • paolo biondani says:

    right claudiooo…..this is just perfect and unbeleaveble

  • georgi says:

    thanks guys for supporting and … understanding my view!! DTL is great of course, but this backside wave 360 is just witchcraft and I can watch it for hours. I can imagine what abuse it takes to master it…respect.

    • raw says:

      Georgi, you are perfectly right. This move is hardcore!

      I was just wondering how any surfer in the world can find
      DTL boring!?! My guess: you have never experienced the carpenter effect. The iedeomotoric principle. I can watch DTL for YEARS and don’t get bored cause my body FEELS WHAT I SEE!

  • medea says:

    We have chatted with Victor about the move and for him it is definitely not a Shaka. A Shaka is a move against the wave. For him it is a Backside Wave 360° and it does not matter if it is with or without airtime.
    Medea I Continentseven