Shaka Simon Hurrey
on 22. November, 2012 – 07:15 / 13 Comments

Simon Hurrey, former PWA/EFPT freestyle sailor and product designer for Severne Sails, visited the PWA Worldcup on Tenerife this year, to watch the action and to test the newest wave sails.



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Simon Hurrey:


  • Gary S says:

    There are many moves that could be either a shaka or a backside 360. This is not one of them. This is a shaka. It starts and finishes before the wave starts to break. It has nothing to do with the wave.

    • Not hatin on this trick, but this one is purely a nice Shaka on a wave…and he’s even on a Flare!
      I remember when Levi, Josh, Kevin and Bjorn were doing proper bs wave treys sliding off the barrell while riding backside, WITHOUT jumping. This is the perfect example of what gimmick backside wave treys are when jumped.
      And as a matter of fact, I personally do them without jumping because otherwise they’re just way too easy.
      And actually I’m sure Simon didn’t even think about goin for one, he was just goin for a properly good shaka and spiced it up a bit by goin down the wave.
      Not hatin, just my opinion.

      • mart says:

        uuuuh congratulations that they are too easy for you. not hatin your comment, but its just bullshit

        • I didn’t mean it like that… There’s a difference in the execution, just like a goyter and a ponch, a flaka and a taka and so on. For some reason with this trick that difference just gets ignored.

        • it is a shaka, and that’s fine. if mattia says tey are too easy it is because there are hundreds of people who can do a shaka, i mean all the freestylers on this planet more or less.
          Put Taty or Gollito instead of Simon and you will get the same move.
          on the other hand there are definitely less people able to rotate a backside 360 sliding off the lip.
          this is an endless story, but i have to agree with Mattia : “For some reason with this trick that difference just gets ignored.”
          Maybe because any freestyler can pull it and then have the feeling that he just did an awesome wave move.

  • Vldimir Morozov says:

    Shaka? 360? Stall upwind 360 with a jump? Mate it is still nice one. What about fun on the water?

  • Alex Mussolini says:

    this is a shaka… we are lucky enough now that judges can see the difference!! i can make them both but the difference is massive if you have to go for a lip or just jumping in front of the wave like Simon does. by the way he is an awesome wave sailor!

  • @mart
    So..what’s up now?
    How come you don’t write Thomas or Alex that what they’re sayin is bullshit like you did with me?
    Ah right… they agreed with what I said so it just proved that I was right and you simply don’t know what you’re talkin about.
    Freedom of speech is a right, not a DUTY.

    And don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT sayin Simon is not a good sailor or that this is not a good shaka!
    I’m just sayin it’s not what it is supposed to be!

    @[VI] Yeah you’re right, that actually makes more sense!

  • It’s a beautiful backside airial by Simon, a Shaka where it should be. Doing this on a wave may be easier than on flat water but it look better on the wall. Mattia also has my full respect since he dares point out the facts. Lets not shoot him for that.

    I want to (and will) see Simon on bigger waves doing even faster landings. Good landings make the trick. Terje made that point back in the days of early snowboarding.

  • Sofien says:

    The title of the move was a Shaka so let’s judge the move as a Shaka not a backside 360.
    I think it’s a well executed dude! It deserves better than 7/10. If you guys think he should’ve done a BS360 instead, that’s a different approach to the critiques. To me he did a shaka and was an awesome one.