AWT Quatro Desert Showdown 2013 – Video

on 7. August, 2013 – 01:32 / 15 Comments

The 2013 AWT Quatro Desert Showdown in Punta San Carlos will go down as the most epic Pro/Am wave events in history of the American Windsurfing Tour. The event saw amazing waves and wind with competitors competing on sail sizes from 4.5 down to 3.5. The long heat lengths and super fair “second chance” bracket system has kept a smile on every riders face. In the end Camille Juban won the Pro Men division in front of Levi Siver and Kevin Pritchard.

“I would like to dedicate this event to Andre Paskowski who passed away on the final day of the AWT Quatro Punta San Carlos Desert Showdown. He truly lived life to its fullest even through hard times. His love for the sport of windsurfing was portrayed in his incredible windsurf film making. He inspired us and his legend lives on in our hearts.” —Sam Bittner, AWT Director


Filmed by Joey Sanchez, Kevin Pritchard
Additional footage by Jake Miller Xsensor






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  • Thomas says:

    Amazing footage, conditions and action thanks for posting this! I love watching the awt vids.

    That said, we often see comment of pity or complaints that it is a shame that we don’t have a world tour in “real conditions” as the speaker says at the end of the vid, undoubtedly referring to the current pwa tour with its port tack side-on bias.

    While I agree that there should be more side-off and starboard tack in the mix, and I understand the frustration of riders specialising in starboard side-off, as an uninformed viewer I have been wondering for a while why the issue is not actioned upon by those who complain. I can only speculate why, but I won’t here.

    Couple of additional points on that:
    – I dare to say most of wavesailing viewers and buyers of the sponsor’s products spend most of their sailing hours in side-on conditions around the world.
    – Chili was added as a DTL event. Hawaii was on the initial calendar, anyone know what happened to it? That might answer some questions.
    – As a wavesailor, I like watching Pozo, Cabezo and Klitmoller action a lot. I have to say that the jaw-dropping jumps really add to the mix. Also knowing how challenging side-on riding is, I really like to watch it.
    – I enjoy watching DTL wave sailing just as much, the consistent wave shape allows for stylish riding and great stunts at high speeds. Often found in tropical climate reefs, the surroundings add to the pic. The lack of jumps are compensated by other things.

    My point is, the complaints are not doing anyone any good. They somehow attempt to discount the actually (for me) undisputable skills of the top pwa riders, and don’t make the person complaining and the riders who he is perceived to represent look better. The energy spent on the negative would better be aimed at making a DTL event happen!

    • Globe says:

      He didn’t really criticize anything. All he said was that most riders would like to have more contests in those types of conditions which I’m sure most riders would agree with.

      • Thomas says:

        He didn’t explicitly. But by saying “I wish – I think a lot of the sailors wish we could have events like this all over the world, in real conditions” he does seem to be contrasting with non-real conditions? What are the real conditions he is referring to then? What are the non-real conditions? Waddell Creek, Pozo? I am sure you agree we often see frustration with the current pwa locations expressed in formulations of this kind.

  • milleg says:

    I think in the end it’s just money, money, money. Solution? Find a company as main sponsor for the whole PWA-Tour. But if it was easy it would have already happened.

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    thomas this is windsurfing.
    we do some onshore windsurfing because we don’t have down the line spots…
    if you would live in a place like that.. would you move to find some onshore spots?

    no man… a tour like pwa is ridicolous considering the conditions that a tour like the AWT offer…

    everybody like pozo… or a jumping event… but 1, maybe 2. not the whole tour

  • Just look at the prize giving at the end of this event, its an awesome event, sick conditions, but not comparable to what is (currently) required to run a PWA event.

    So unless that guy at the bar is able to front up the cash for prize money(+++ other things) to me it looks like the AWT event is just a very well run competition where a bunch of guys/ girls turn up and sail against each other. What is (currently) involved in the PWA is more than that.

    Great video though and really makes me want to go there!!

  • Ivan says:

    Tenerife event was great, waves and jumps. We had live streaming, live scoring, live commenting, and to be honest the world where we live needs that because of public and sponsors. This sport wont survive if we dont have balance between conditions, location, internet streaming, sponsors, new kids on the block and so on. Best thing in Pozo this year was junior competition.

    It is not easy for windsurfing to live between surfing, suping and kiting. Everybody must lower the bar and do something like AWT for few years with multitude event and smaller money to popularize sport and draw money and people in sport. Or find good sponsor.

    I m sorry for riders because their level of profesionalism is in danger with smaller money in the game, and example of Andre Paskowski is proof that everything is possible with good will, even 10 DTL events on tour.

    • andrew says:

      should do best 4 awt against best four pwa. super final every two years. held at two locations. sailors choice. focus on getting a croud. so dont go cloud break!!!!

      awt sailors choose one location pwa choose another.

      alternatively could just choose one location and alternate between europe and rest of world.

      europe could include cape verde.

      something like that.

      • Ivan says:

        Well, I m not sure what the best solution would be but something between Awt and Pwa would suit best. Like I said, maybe little less money for prizes (like in Tenerife) but more events. The problem however is: less money, less travelling, less profesionalism, less windsurfing.

  • georgi says:

    I agree with Andrew. Levi, Camille and company stop complaining and go to a canarian event to get the rust of your hips and….teeth. Look at Kevin he knows both worlds and he has proven himself- he is a world champ-hats off and bow. Period. Look at Browzy travelling as as shuttle around the globe proving that he is no-nonsense- in fact the best in the business imho. If the DTL pro guys dont overcome their scare of 50- 60 knots side on conditions they will end up as comedian actors.

  • georgi says:

    Look at Josh Angulo- a straight out DTL guy. But his desperado attitude helped him out to battle out in those so called ” doomed euro conditins” and he ended up a world champ-twice. So did Francisco,King Robby back in the day. So dont be scared, you can do it.

    • Thomas says:

      For me personally, if a rider chooses to specialise on DTL starboard and not compete in pwa if it does not change, that is a perfectly fine and respectable choice. If Kevin then comes in to make these kind of vids, all the better. Top athletes just the same. It is the subsequent covert or explicit negative comments to the pwa or the quality of its riders that is starting to hit a nerve for me.

      I agree that Browne’s attitude to go for it and compete deserves a lot of credit (as much the others you mention) even if we was unlucky so far, or guys like Kai Lenny (who previously did pozo etc) that might not have a top 3 chance on port tack but just go out there, do it and enjoy. Surely that should add a lot of value to a sponsor because of the market size here.

      But likely it is a money issue as milleg says – brands may be reluctant to fund the whole maui gang traveling as they do not see enough return any more in the mature windsurfing market and spend their marketing dollars on the growing SUP segment. Makes you wonder how they made Chili work but not Maui or Cape Town.

      Any one from the brands care to comment?

      • andrew says:

        agree with thomas, AWT need to stop the negative sub text. way to much going on in the world to be making a scene about what is real wave riding. from a punters point of view, which is what i am, i just want to see the pros smashing it that’s were the inspiration comes from not some chap sat in his bar doing the usual oh our version of things is the best version.

        Its windsurfing, its windy go windsurfing!!

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