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Aruba Hi-Winds 2012 – Video

on 31. July, 2012 – 15:05 / 4 Comments

The Aruba Hi-Winds, which took place from the 3rd till the 9th of July, saw great conditions in 2012. After six days of races with good wind conditions, all categories in the windsurfing discipline have completed 15 slalom races and 4 long distance races and several freestyle eliminations.


The overall winners in their respective categories are: in the Pro/Men Diony Guadagnino (VEN) who just ended ahead of Josh Angulo with 0.1 point in slalom. Miguel Bruggeman (VEN) in the Juniors, Carolina Comino (VEN) in the Women and Hender Acosta (VEN) in Sports class. In Grandmasters Ricardo Albisu (ARG), in Masters Nathaniel McFarlane (ARU), in Big Kids Mark Tjon (ARU). For more information about winners and standings, please check out the Results page.


In the Freestyle discipline Kiri Thode (BON) won in King-of-the-Huts, Ethan Westera (ARU) in the Prince-of-the-Huts and Steven Max(ARU) in Kid-of-the-Huts.


Watch the Aruba Hi Winds Movie here. You will spot some nice Freestyle and Slalom action!



During the weekend, Long Distance Races were held for both windsurfers and kiters. Overall winners in long distance are Josh Angulo in windsurfing.
The evenings were filled with live music performances by bands like Honeypot, Mystical Connection, Datapanik and Orange Grove.

Finally some figures about the event: there were a total of 78 participants in windsurfing, 55 in kiting. There were 23 non-sailing participants who registered to share meals and parties. The total registrations amounted to 156, a figure comparable to that of last year.
The organizers are already planning ahead to the next Aruba Hi-Winds, which will be held in the first week of July 2013.