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Antoine Albeau set a new Speed record

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Antoine Albeau set again a new record on the 500 m at Luderitz.


November and December is speed season in Namibia. The world’s fastest windsurfers are fighting for new records at Luderitz and the sailing boat Vestas Sailrocket 2 continues to chase the world speed sailing record at Walvis bay. And it seems Namibia is the perfect place for doing records.
First it was Antoine Albeau, who was again able to set a new world record with 51.69 knots. The 50 knots barrier seemed to be untouchable for a long time. It was such a hard fight to reach 48 and 49 knots at St. Maries, South of France. In the past, Antoine Albeau and Finian Maynard were working over years to set records. In 2012 in Namibia everything looks so easy. A perfectly shaped channel and Antoine Albeau, Anders Bringdal, Patrik Diethelm, Jurjen van der Noord and Cedric Bordes smashed the mythical 50 knots barrier. And they all spent less than two weeks at the channel. The two ladies, Zara Davies and Lena Erdil scored fantastic records, too and Zara holds the new worldrecord of 45.83 knots. But there are just 0.09 knots in between Zara and Lena.


Let´s see, if Björn Dunkerbeck can as well fight for a new record. He and his caddy Victor Couta are on the way to Lüderitz. Dunkerbeck was not able to travel earlier to Namibia as his wife expected her 4th child. By now, little Daniel was born and Björn is ready for the next challenge.


Antoine scored his best time on November 17th, using the new NeilPryde EVO 5.4m, two different RRD prototypes with 40 and 42 cm width and a Gasoil fin. The measured wind was around 42 to 43 knots. Have a look on his times at different runs. He definitely comes closer and closer to the 100 km/h barrier.


The timing of the different runs of Antoine at November 17th at Luderitz 2012.



Best times and records after day 6 on the channel at Luderitz:


Antoine Albeau: 51.69 knots (95.73 km/h), current world record on RRD/NeilPryde

Anders Bringdal: 51.34 knots (production board world record) on Mistral/NeilPryde

Patrik Diethelm: 50.49 Knots (Swiss speed record) on Patrik/Loftsails

Jurjen van der Noord 50.41 knots (Dutch record) on Starboard/Severne

Cedric Bordes: 50.17 knots (Personal record) on Tabou/Gaastra

Nick Vardalachos: 48.84 Knots (Greek record)

Mark Grinnell: 48.86 (South African record)

Farrell O´Shea: 48.82 knots (British record)

Matthias Rottcher: 47.34 knots (Namibian record)

Christian Bornemann 46.18 knots

Christian Benzing: 45.57 

Dieter Gerichshausen 44.69 knots


Zara Davis: 45.83 knots (Women´s world record) on Mistral/Simmer

Lena Erdil: 45.74 (Turkish record and second fastest time in the ladies category) on Patrik/Loftsails


On November 16th the VESTAS Sailrocket 2 set out on its 13th run at Walvis Bay in Namibia. In moderate wind conditions with around 25 knots of wind average the VSR2 smashed the previous Outright world record by the biggest margin in the records history. Paul Larsen averaged 59.23 knots over the record 500 meter course and peaked at over 63 knots. The waters of Walvis Bay became speed sailing holy turf and the home of the Outright record for the first time. Congratulations! Watch the exciting clip from the record.


YouTube Preview Image


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