Air Funnell Hugo de Sousa
on 18. November, 2013 – 16:35 / 37 Comments

What a massive Air Funnell by the Brazilian sailor Hugo de Sousa.

© Loick Spicher

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  • eric_eric says:

    WHAT THE F*CK!!!!
    This little kid from Brazil is the revolution of freestyle windsurfing.
    He deserves serious financial back-up from a big brand in the industry goddamnit!

  • Arvid says:

    Looks more like a backwind forward than like an air-funnel (would dat make it a backward??), maybe because I haven’t seen anything like it!

  • The wolfpack says:

    Shout out to the binman in the background, sweet blasting bro

  • Nico T says:

    Very solid!

    Why oh why is there no pwa event in Jery?!

  • this is like another level man hugo u are sickkkkkkkkk sailor man

  • spro says:

    SO agressive!!!!!!

  • manu says:

    was ist das denn???
    schieß mir den linken hoden weg

  • michi says:


  • SO SICK, higher than some backloops!

    people have been doing air funnels on the way out there for years, all it needs is a bit of talent…

  • What is up !! Why the hell nobody supports this super talent financially ?? When not he, who else should be the future of windsurfing ?? It is time for a change, for a REVOLUTION in freestyle surfing, everybody is fond to see Hugo in the world cup ! And why, the hell, nobody supports to accomplish a world cup event in Jeri, the very best freestyle spot of the world ! What a world cup, boring conditions and flat water the last years in fuerte. With that event scedule it is not possible to see the revolution in freestyle surfing !! Are the judges to scared, that in Jeri the waves are to high, and then it is no more freestyle ? In contrast, freestyle must be transferd to such spots, that it can go off its swelled energy from the last years and to create a new windsurf discipline !!

    My patience is finished !!


    • PWA JERI says:

      Ye If there is some sponsor that is willing to fund the PWA event in Jeri for sure PWA make an event.
      But as long nobody is going to pay an event in Jeri…………………………

      All eyes are on Hugo now, Hugo is a really really good sailor and especially on his age deserves good support.
      I have seen him riding myself.

      Believe me winning the PWA takes more, hugo his time will probably still have to come I believe in that 100% that it will come. Not yet! Steven v Broeckhoven is momently in Jeri, why we don’t get to see footage from him as an example???
      None of the guys will be scared and as soon any video will get online they only aim for more and higher. So the more hugo pushes the more other rider start pushing. 3 champions. kiri, gojo and Steven they can do this 100% for sure in 3x trying. It is obvious what technique he is using in this move. The one who adopt everything easy makes the champion…

      You have to be allround and good in everything..

    • chris says:

      Hi Dieter,
      Hugo already participated in the this year’s Fuerteventura World cup. He was able to win one round in the double of the first single. He ended up in 32nd position overall. Due to the support of his friend and World cup freestyler Loick Spicher he had the chance to do that. Loick arranged the money and the trip. Hugo enjoyed his first World cup and spent a lot of time on the water! Hugo is still young and will reach his goal, when he continues like he does now. There are many very talented guys out there, who all will battle hard for the success and a possible sponsor deal.

      The judges will definitely not be scared. They already judged Freestyle at Pozo, Lanzarote or Fuerteventura with waves breaking in the heat area. Sure it would be cool to see an event in Jericoacoara too, but needs the funding. Not too easy. 30.000 to 35.000 €, judges,….

      And Fuerteventura was boring for you. Probably you missed some great action:

      Check this out:

      Just lean back and enjoy!


  • Mike says:

    I saw him jumping an air kabikuchi this oktober… was the best I have ever seen live or on video. When he has finished both rotations he still was 1,5-2 meter up in the air. Crazy radical guy!!!

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    sick sick sick
    that’s an AIR-AIR Funnel!!!

  • yannick says:

    space funnel 😀 soooo SICK!

  • Thank’s for your very interesting inputs/answers to my statement about Hugo. Probably you are right, that he needs some time to reach the podium, because he has to become good in everithing, but on the other hand, with only one PWA event he is in addition very nervous and can not show his full potential. Ok, we are in complete agreement, that he is one of most taleneted freestyle surfers and his time will come !!

  • eric says:

    I just had a glimpse on your comments so far. What came to my mind seeing this radical move was:
    this is the revolution of wave Windsurfing. I think no one could discard such a move from a wave move counting list, with such a perfect landing I would gave at least a 9-11, easily in the double Loop range.

    • sorry bro says:

      Yea,maybe. But it took him like five years on a perfect playground like camocim, which works 150 days per year, to land the move. Which wavesailor would have the time (and especially the motivation) to practice that long on flatwater.

      and concerning the sponsorship discussion: its a sick move, but why should someone invest money in this kid BEFORE he had good results? There’s no real windsurfing market in Brazil. To get media attention in Europe (or some place that matters for the big brands) he has to be top 5, then a brand really benefits from him. Investing in him now would just be an act of goodwill, which our sport and industry is unfortunately too small for. I don’t like it either, but he will have to take the hard road and fight for seedings and results without support. His home offers the best conditions to make his windsurfing level be good enough for that.
      its the opposite in Europe: covering the costs is rather easy for us, improve the surfing level rather hard. So I, the end, it seems to me like a faire fight

      • eric_eric says:

        I have to disagree with your comment.
        The industry invested money on venezuelians such as gollito estredo, cheo diaz, alexis zabala; they gave them equipment and took them to Europe and the canarys in order for them to be able to compete. I assume the investment the company made (Boards and more company at that time) paid off quite well with Gollito (multiple world champion) and Cheo in his golden era. Those guys had a very good level on their homespot and local competitions but it took some years before they could reveal their true potential on other spots. If the company had told them they had to prove they could get a sponsorship by having a good seeding in PWA rankings then nothing would have happened since they couldn’t afford travelling around.
        The point is that, at some point; someone clever has to say: ok this kid has talent let’s invest and see what we can do with him!

        The plus point for the company is that he can train at home all year around so they don’t have to pay for training expenses (like for European riders) and then travel just for competitions.

        • valerio says:

          …cause Companies pay for training of european riders???Wake up guys, this isn’t Second Life.

          Plus: more or less one year ago all eyes here on C7 were on a hot italian rider and his blasting Air Kabis on rough water, remeber?
          Well, you know what? The kid attended PWA and he might be the next World Champion but in 2013 his final ranking was 17th…
          And always on C7 we saw Steven throwing massive Air Kabi on FLAT water

          • eric_eric says:

            I don’t see your point Valerio?
            We are discussing about hugo de souza and that it would be interesting for him to get a sponsorship because he has a huge potential.
            Jacopo testa is talented as well, he was ranked 17th and will gain experience etc; I’m not sure he’s been around for so many on the PWA tour or??
            Steven threw away massive airkabikuchi on flat water; yes, so what?
            Steven is extremely talented and nobody said this was not impressive.
            Companies might not pay for training for all riders but a lot of them must have a budget for at least one training trip I hope!
            For instance, I don’t think (well I don’t know to be honest) steven travels in SA or Maui with his own money.
            Please clarify

  • I totally agree with the last comment from Eric. He needs to make experiences at other spots und to become stable in competions, how he can do this without money ? And moreover, I also believe that other jung talents were sponserd before they had a good seeding in PWA rankings, for example Philip Köster, he afterwards became world champion. I mean, the companies has to support jung talents even without perfect results in the PWA, because they can, with a very high probability, earn the results later. And, also against the meaning of sorry bro, they can take profit from Hugo because of its radical surfing shown in video clips, which watch for sure the majority of windsurfers. And costumers look for future oriented surfers, and following for the brand which pushes the level of this surfer, just with its progressive material. By the way, which sail brand uses Hugo de Souza, the shape of the sails looks very intersisting. This companie should sponsor him to push its own selling (if it is not a well establishe company)!

  • bs says:

    Brands don’t want to invest on places where there’s no market… which is weird, because places with such a great potential, on talents and conditions, is a potential market to grow a lot!! In this case, Brazil has been putting some great names on the world tour, but only two or three guys are really sponsored.. and also it should not be only about result, there’s so much more that a brand could use the rider!
    And Sorry Bro, said that the kid should have a good result before be invested money on him… but how he will be able to travel for places to have a good result… and also, i’m a big fan of brazilians freestylers, and i remember that Joao henrique, kid from Brazil, did 5th place on a pwa event! and he never get any sponsor!! this is a pretty good result.. he proved him self as a rider that can be there on top.. and nobody invested on him.. why?? because Brazil there’s no market.. bs!!

  • There are lots of spots in brazil with less than ideal conditions, chop etc. If he was serious about competition he would train there too (which I am sure he already does).

    Its not about there being no market for windsurfing in Brazil (there isn’t much of one in Venezuela..), the internet makes windsurfing international now, location doesn’t really matter.

    I don’t believe he should just be given money, I don’t think that would help, if he keeps improving at the rate he is now we will no doubt see him on tour in the next few years. All he needs is a few good results and contacts in the industry.

  • dave says:

    windsurf brands all want only their success and make money… fuck this shit

  • Pierre says:

    Interesting discussion, i agree with some of you guys but have to say i disagree with most, because i think you forget something: getting money from the brands and having good results on the pwa tour is too different things! Being a super good sailor/competitor doesn’t guarantee you a good contract with money!

    Being, let’s say 11th or 12th on the PWA freestyle ranking is a real performance. For sure you have to work really hard to get there, be good in different kind of conditions, and have talent. But what does the brands get exactly with a rider using their sails (especially with freestyle discipline) and being at such a ranking? Almost nothing, sadly: a few moves in the daily pwa video if you’re lucky, maybe 2/3 pictures from Carter on the pwa website, and why not a little article on the brand’s website… how does the brand gain money with this? Selling more freestyle sails because it is ranked 11th on the pwa tour? Really? I don’t think so, or only a few. Of course it helps a bit, it is still a good thing for the brand, and the rider can be really proud of him. But don’t tell me they will sell 100 sails more, and so they’ll be willing to give 5000 euros to the rider each year.

    I think it takes a lot more to earn money in windsurfing, and be able to live on it. Sail on various spots, be a nice guy on the beach, be able to talk to anyone who wants to know about your gear (or just wants to talk!), lend your gear to anyone who wants to try it, try to be in the media, web and press, going to the local surfshop and try to have good relationships with them, give a hand to the brand when there is an event, try to be involve in the brand, the shape of the boards, the sail, give your feedback on the market, the equipment, what people think, try to be nice with the people who trust you and to pay tribute to the people who helps you… and a lot more things. And sometimes, i think you have to do all those things before the brands gives you money, just to show your commitment and what you’re capable of…
    Of course, being top 5 in any disciplines will give you money, that’s for sure, but catching the top 5 is incredibly difficult, and if you don’t have such a good ranking… you have to give a lot more. And that’s even more true for freestyle i think: little market, only a few peoples buy the equipment (and half of them have little contracts), long practice to make only the few first moves.

    I think that’s a shame, and i would love windsurfing to be a sport with more money (not the biggest sport though), a sport that is able to support any upcoming talent only because he landed a double fully air funnel (possible? haha), but we have to be well-grounded and realistic, it’s a business, and so it’s hard… sadly.

  • Yes Pierre, your last comment was very instructive and very detailed. But lets hope that Roberto Ricchi has some Money for Hugo de Souza to push and support his carrier, meanwhile it’s very interseting that RRD now also sells sails, which, so I find, look very interesting, and I woulb by one of these as my next freestyle sail !

  • mike says:

    on Pierre ‘s comment:
    it would be very interesting to hear what you could really earn doing all this for a brand.
    What you described, Pierre, is the job of a conventional marketing job, of course not uninteresting.
    But could you make a living out of that? I think that is the question for some people here.
    thanks for answers

    • Pierre says:

      Hi Mike,

      i didn’t say that the marketing job is the only think you have to do to be interesting for a brand, and earn money. What i meant is, besides being a good sailor, training and competing hard, you ALSO have to be a marketing product for the brand (except if you’re top 3 maybe).

      And by the way, that’s a bit what NP said in the last press release: “Both of these young sailors are exciting talents and are very active on French beaches” (about Jules Denel & Titoun), or “These riders are all influential in their local markets.”, about Tyson Poor, Andy Chambers & Sebastien Kornum.
      What i do understand in this is: “those guys may not be THE best in their onw disciplines, but they can also give a lot more to our brand and they totally diserve to stay in the team”. And we’re talking about international team (of NP!).

      (don’t get me wrong, they are amazing sailors, but i’m saying that a top 30 rider, able and willing to talk, and good to demonstrate his worth, may be a better investment than a top 10 rider who is “only” an amazing sailor, even though he is better…)