3 vs 4 batten at Ho’okipa – Video

on 20. January, 2014 – 13:38 / 7 Comments

In the following clip you can watch the 2013 Aloha Classic winner Levi Siver on a 3 batten and the last year’s winner Bernd Roediger on a 4 batten sail. They both sail with incredible style at Ho’okipa. And looks like Levi enjoys sailing with the new designed sail.

Looks like more and more brands will offer three batten sails in their sail collection. It’s a quite similar development like with the fins in the wave boards, where Thrusters get more and more popular. Probably the three batten sails with some extra mini battens as reinforcement at the leech will be the new trend in modern wave sailing.





  • jojo says:

    Nice!!! Is this the death sentence of the 5 batten wave sail ?

  • nv says:

    those guys are great wave riders on 3 , 4 , or 5 battens.
    it might feel different for them but I don’t see them sail better or worse because of those new designs.

    but perfect waveriding again.

  • chris says:

    yeah nv, you are so right. Guess it depends a bit what are your priorities and if you will use the wave sail for freestyle, too. Or if someone uses his sail most of the time for freestyle and sometimes for wave, or if someone is a full on dedicated wave sailor only, or if someone starts to learn wave sailing or if someone is racing a lot and sometimes sails in waves.

    jojo, I don’t really think it will be the death for the 5 batten sail. But perhaps you will be right. The sail brands will probably offer 2-4 different wave sail lines. One 5 batten, one 4 batten, one 3 batten and a crossover sail… Some will just put the focus on 4 and 3 batten sails.

    It’s interesting, that Levi Siver, who is a relatively heavy rider, goes well with a three batten sail. But he goes well with anything.

    I personally still like the feeling of a well designed 5 batten wave sail.


  • 37 second intro … that was LONG.

    • Norm says:

      Sorry about the long intro. Sponsors want their logos and all are animated these days. Maybe I’ll try and combine them all in a split screen shot next time. Thanks for watching though!

  • peter says:

    Dat ding flattert ja wie ne mülltüte im wind!!!

  • Tony says:

    The leach of the 3-battern flaps a lot if you watch it carefully and that is in nice Maui wind.
    In 35-45 knot Cape Town wind, its gonna flap one hellava lot.