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2and aHalf meter sessions – Martin ten Hoeve

on 13. September, 2012 – 09:23 / 2 Comments

The Dutch sailor Martin ten Hoeve sent us his newest clip, which got filmed during the 2012 PWA contests in Pozo and Tenerife.

“Episode 2 is out now with a nice run through the Tenerife PWA days and a good warming up for Cold hawaiiii, in Klittmoller, Denmark. Being the longest windsurfer around with his 2.05 meters and 98 kilograms, the episodes are called 2and aHalf meter sessions.”





  • nv says:

    his style looks very different because of his length.
    I like it very much ,one of my favourite riders on tour.
    judges should pay more attention to the overall performance and watch fluency of the whole wave ride. instead of only focussing on the big moves.
    it has to be a combination of both. than Martin will end much higher in the rankings.
    and if you look at small things you can really see who is an experienced rider and who’s not.
    if you judge a heat like this you can also compare style and you have more complete outcome.
    don’t forget how much time riders put in their waveriding skills.
    also on the jumpspots

  • Pedro says:

    I agree with nv,martin’s style is somehowe not appreciaded by the judges wich was very clear to see in Tenerife where he lost a perfect heat to dario Ojeda who went for big doubles but didn’t landed one.
    Martin had perfect waverides and takas and nice pushloops,Ojeda didn’t hardly do anything but somehowe advanced to the next round.
    I didn’t understand the decision but hé I’m not a judge……..