Bongka Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo
on 4. August, 2014 – 23:47 / 5 Comments

Far outside, but perfect. Bongka by Gollito Estredo.



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  • juisoo says:

    Though even I can see that this one has a certain flow to it, I just don’t get warm with this Bongka thingy. It seems so glued together without much sense.

    • fan says:

      Totally agree both with what you say about this perfect Bongka by Gollito and with the Bongka in general. If it’s one move than if and only if you can barely see the glue, as in the clip above. But there still seems to be some glue involved.

    • Shakaboy says:

      Why complain about something you can’t do yourself or even bother to send your own stuff?
      Get glued to you own gear/moves before you complain about what someone else does.
      Complaining is easy in life…..

      • medea says:

        “Juisoo” and “Fan” didn’t complain at all. They just gave their opinion about the Bongka without offending anybody. And remember, opinions are allowed…
        To stay on the topic. What is your opinion about the Bongka? This would be much more interesting. Or don’t you have an opinion, because you can’t do it?

  • splash says:

    I can’t do the bongka and I am happy that I don’t.

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